Hey! Here's the page that holds the meat and potatoes of the site, the fanfiction page. It's pretty obvious what the page's function is and what it holds. And since there are new fiction ratings, I have decided to change the movie ratings to those as a precaution. Because the MPAA are a bunch of whiners. Also, the fics here are mostly alternate universe. Yes, they do not follow canon. Besides, I hate writing with canon anyways. It's dull and lacks freedom. But that's enough ranting there.

G = K
PG = K+
PG-13 = T
R = M
NC-17 = MA

For Street Fighter:

Darker than the Night Sky
A trio of twisted alter egos are seeking revenge on their counterparts...
Rating: MA
*Takes from an old alternate universe*
*Contains extreme violence, slash, lemon, language, and possible character death*
Chapters - Ch.1  Ch.2  Ch.3

Hell's Influence
Ryu is tempted with the Satsu No Hadou once more, how will Ken and Jessie bring him back?
Rating: M
Chapters - Ch.1  Ch.2

For Sonic:

The Neo Resistance
*summary coming soon*
Rating: ?
Chapters - Bios  Introduction

For King of Fighters:

A Story of Destined Love
What happens when an ordinary girl has the power to harness deadly crimson flames?
Rating: MA
*Book One of the Esaka Destiny Saga, an alternate universe*
*Contains language, extreme violence, lemon, and rape*
*A rewrite is coming soon*
Chapters - Introduction  Ch.1  Ch.2  Ch.3  Ch.4  *Ch.5Ch.6  *Ch.7Ch.8

Kusanagi's Wrath
He's back, and ready to show the full extent of his wrath...
Rating: MA
*Book Two of the Esaka Destiny Saga*
*Sequel to A Story of Destined Love*
*Contains language, extreme violence, lemon, rape, and character death*
*This fic is complete, though portions may head into the rewrite bin*
Chapters - *Ch.9Ch.10  *Ch.11Ch.12  Ch.13  *Ch.14*

The Final Struggle (discontinued due to a revamp/lack of interest/crappy writing)
Kyo, Emi, and their friends are finally ready to finish the battle that they have never started.
Rating: MA
*Book Three of the Esaka Destiny Saga*
*Sequel to Kusanagi's Wrath*
*Contains language, extreme violence, lemon, and character death*
Chapters - Ch.15  Ch.16  Ch.17  Ch.18  Ch.19  Ch. 20  Ch. 21  Ch. 22  Ch. 23  Ch. 24  Ch. 25  Ch. 26  Ch. 27  Ch. 28  Ch. 29  Ch. 30  Epilogue
*Coming Soon: A rundown on the remaining chapters, and the rewrite of all three "books"*

The Ballad of Sonia Sheridan
This lovely fighter has a thirst for adventure and the occasional romance... too bad that the person she's pursuing doesn't care too much for her.
Rating: Most likely T
Chapters -

Losing You
Emi deals with a painful loss that she sees with her very own eyes.
Rating: T
*A short fic, contains character death*
Read it here!

This basically tells about Emi's thoughts after she was brutally beaten by Kusanagi.
Rating: T
*A short Emi thoughtfic*
Read it here!

Emi is forced to make the most brutal decision of all... the choice between her sister or the man who she loves... when they face off in a deadly battle...
Rating: MA
*A 'what if' fic, contains violence, language, and character death*
(Coming Soon)

Second Heartbreak
Rating: K+
(summary coming when I can find the paper that held the darn thing...)

Duplicated Love
Rating: An obvious MA
This lemon is coming soon... if I can find the darn papers... I have a messy, messy room!

The Esaka Girls: Before the Fights of Destiny
This tells about the lives of Emi, Keiko, and Miyuki before the events that had happened in the Esaka Destiny Saga.
Rating: T/M
(Coming Soon)

A Beautiful Friendship
Miyuki always knew that she loved Emi as more than just a friend... but will Emi understand her friend's feelings... or reject them?
Rating: MA
*A 'what if' fic, contains femmeslash and lemon*
(Coming Soon)

Black Blood
*summary coming soon*
Rating: M/MA
(Coming Soon. A rewrite of that crappy Esaka Destiny "Saga".)


SNK vs. Capcom: Trash TV
You're not going to believe who takes Jerry Springer's place as the 'King of Trash TV'!
Rating: M
*Contains language and bits of slash, in script format*
*Co-written with my sister, CW Cyrix*
Episode One - Segment One  Segment Two  Segment Three

La Péril
There are many different people in Los Angeles. But somehow, 23 of them are mysteriously tied to either Rock Howard, Cammy White... or both of them in some manner or form. At the same token, Rock and Cammy must avoid a little price tag on their heads, as they bring a few allies into the melee against the organization that is set to kill them.
Rating: M or MA
*May contain language, extreme violence, lemon, and character death*
Cast of Characters
Introductions: Southtown Trio  Cammy and the 4th Precinct  Theta Moon
Chapters - Ch.1  Ch.2  Ch.3

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