A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Six: The Abduction~

"Bright sunlight... oh, my..." is what Emi mumbled as soon as she woke up. She blinked a couple of times, then she looked up to see a sleeping Kyo. The young heiress lightly blushed as soon as the events from last night popped into her head.

"Oh... I thought that that was all a dream..."

She remained there for a few more minutes before she finally heard a light moan and felt the movements of her master.

"Master Kyo..." the Tsuki heiress whispered and looked into his eyes.

"Ohh... shit..."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing... I just have a light headache, that's all." the Kusanagi heir said as he sat up.

"Um... I just remembered something..."

"What is it?"

"Don't we have school today?"

"Oh, shit! You're right!" he said as he grabbed his towel from last night, wrapped it around his waist, and literally tore through the drawers to find the clothes that he needed.

"Miss Emi... stop fingering yourself and find your clothes too..."

"Hey, I'm not doing that!" she said as she picked her towel up, wrapped it around her body, then she left for the guest room to set her clothes. After the quick dressing, grooming, and a very small amount of breakfast which made Emi whine and complain, the two rushed outside and hopped onto Kyo's motorcycle.

"You ready, Miss Emi?"


"Then hang on!" he called out and they sped off... but he cursed his bad luck, and the traffic... again.

"Damn Saturday mornings! Damn traffic lights! Damn Japan traffic! Fuck! Shit!"

"Well... at least our school isn't that far away..." she mumbled as she listened to her master who was still cursing away. And after ten minutes, Kyo managed to park in a good spot, and the two ran inside the school.

"All right, I'll see you... fourth hour. Are you going to sit next to me?"

"Of course."

"Later, Emi..." he whispered and quickly kissed her lips before they went their seperate ways.

"Oh, man..." the Tsuki heiress mumbled as she ran inside her first hour, and it would only be a matter of seconds before the bell rang. She sighed and took her seat which was between Miyuki and her training partner, Shingo.

"Oh, Miss Tsuki... did you forget that we had a test this morning?" Shingo asked as the girl put her things away.

"Oh, crap! I didn't study for it..."

"Yo, Yabuki! I don't think that she'll have a problem. I mean, this is Math, it's her best subject anyway." Miyuki said as she impatiently waited for her test. After thirty minutes of boring test-taking, Emi fell asleep right after she had finished... but she was snoring, causing her sporty friend and training partner to look at her.

"Hey, Emi... you're disturbing some of our classmates..." the Kumebara girl whispered as the young heiress lifted her head and looked around. Some stared at her, while others laughed.

"Crap." the Tsuki heiress said as her test paper was corrected and passed back.

"What did you get, Miss Tsuki?"

"Two wrong... 96 percent."

"Cool. Miyuki, what did you get?"

"Ugh... I failed! 30 percent! My mom's gonna kill me! God, I hate tests! Emi, can you burn this paper, please?"

"Now, I'm not pulling you out of another hole, Miyuki." she lightly said before she fell asleep... and snored again.

"Miss Tsuki... you're snoring again..." Shingo said as he nudged her.

"Crap." she mumbled as the bell rang and she tried her best to wake up... but by fourth hour, she was out like a light, and so was Kyo... but only for a few minutes, because someone had slammed their hands on their table.

"Hey, wake up, you lovebirds!"

"Beni... go away." Kyo mumbled as Emi yawned and sat up.

"Hello, Nikaido-san." she whispered and rested her head on her master/lover's shoulder, then she nearly fell asleep again.

"Um, hi, Emi. Ya know, this is the first time that you've actually fallen asleep in this crappy class with your eyes closed."

"Yeah, it's kinda surprising, huh?" she said as she yawned again.

"Sure... but it wouldn't surprise me if Kyo got another detention for sleeping in class again... he is your only ride home, right?"

"Oh, crap!" she cried as she quickly shot up and shook her master.

"Emi... you can stop now, I'm up." is what the Kusanagi heir whispered as he slowly sat up.

"Damn it Beni, can you just let me sleep for once?"

"You see, this is the sole reason why beds were made. Jeez, you sound like you sleep on the floor, or outside on the grass... or maybe you've been smoking the grass." Benimaru said as Kyo gave him the finger.

"Fuck you."

"Oh, god... well, at least it's not like Keiko's bitching..." Emi mumbled as the two friends/rivals continued their "heated argument".

"Oh, and Emi...?"


"I got a detention... for sleeping during second hour, so you can bring Miyuki to our house. She can keep you company."

"Really? Thanks."

"No problem. Your friends are my friends, and..." Kyo trailed off as he looked at Benimaru.

"I guess my friends are your friends too..." the heir mumbled as his best friend returned the finger.

"Fuck you, girly-boy."

"Screw you, femmy."

"Ahh, forget it." Emi mumbled as she left the table and sat next to her classmate and teammate, Kyoko. After the heat cooled down and the boring school day was overwith, the Tsuki heiress invited Miyuki to stay at her house for a while.

"Okay, Miyuki. You can relax in the guest room for a bit. Make yourself comfortable or something. I'll be back with a couple of movies." Emi said as the sporty girl nodded and politely placed her schoolbooks in a corner of the room and relaxed on the bed.

"Hey, Emi! Do you have one of those crappy movies that we can laugh at?"

"Um... I do have a taping of that Street Fighter Live-Action movie from a few years back..." the heiress mumbled as she came into the room and inserted the tape into the VCR.

"Want any snacks?"

"No thanks, I'm fine. You're my best friend, not my servant. Relax, man." Miyuki said as her best friend nodded and sat in a chair.

"Are you ready to see it?"

"Go ahead." the sporty girl said as the 'play' button was pressed, starting the movie. Miyuki raised an eyebrow in less than five minutes of viewing the movie.

"What... the... fuck is this shit?"

"Don't ask." Emi said as they continued to watch. Miyuki kept shaking her head every few minutes, questioning the characters, the bad acting, and the messy, messy plot.

"Miyuki, I said 'don't ask'." the Tsuki heiress said as soon as the movie ended.

"Jeez, that was some cracked-out shit. What were they thinking anyway? Ah, forget it. Let's talk." the sporty girl said as she sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for her best friend to sit next to her.

"Now, Emi... you've been acting kinda funny today. Did somebody do something to you? Did you do something to somebody?"

"Well, I did something... with somebody... last night."


"Last night, Master Kyo and I..."

"Oh, my god! Are you kidding?"


"Are you going to stay with him?"

"I have to... it's my destiny. I really love him, though."

Then the girls heard the sound of a window opening harshly, and it made both girls jump.

"Oh my." Emi said as she got up to shut the window, then she sat down with Miyuki again. Then the wind picked up power and speed, knocking the power out, and a few more windows opened.

"Great." Miyuki said as Emi got up.

"Well, the weather people said that there would be high winds today..." the Tsuki heiress said and activated a flame in the palm of her hand to take the place of light.

"I don't think that Master Kyo will be back for quite a while... he said that he had to do something as soon as he got out of his detention... hours. I'm going to get something from the kitchen. You coming?"

"Of course. You'd eat everything before you come back to the room anyway." the sporty girl said as she got up and followed her best friend.

"Okay, Miyuki... um, Miyuki? Where are you?"

"I'm behind you... don't worry..." she said, trying to sound normal.

"What's wrong?"

"Your existence on this planet! That's what's wrong!" came the voice of an intruder. He simply tossed Miyuki aside like a piece of paper and pinned Emi to a hallway wall.

"I told you that we would meet again, Emi..."

"How do you know me?" she whispered as her flame died out, then Miyuki got up and charged.

"Hey, leave my friend alone! Prowess Tackle!" she cried as she ran shoulder first, hoping to knock him off... but instead, Emi was released, and Miyuki was grabbed.

"You weak little bitch..." he said, tightening the grip on her neck.

"Aah! Emi, run!" Miyuki said after she gagged. The young heiress slowly got up and ran outside, away from the chaos and pain that was done to her best friend.

"Miyuki... you're just another worthless obstacle..."

Then she received a flaming punch that didn't scar or burn her, but it certainly knocked her lights out.

'Emi... you can run away from me... but your freedom will be short-lived.'

'Just run...' the young heiress thought to herself as she did so. She pushed herself to run for a few more minutes before she stopped and sat on top of a covered trash can near an alleyway.

'Miyuki... I can't believe that she would do something like that... for me. I want to go back to help her... but I just can't.' she thought to herself, then a short, cold gust of wind came, causing the Tsuki heiress to shudder a bit.

"Oh my." she whispered as she stretched, clasping her hands together as she leaned back, but they were grabbed in a split second.

"What the?!" she said as she was forced to lean back even further and she stared into that same pair of blood red eyes.

"Say goodbye to your freedom, Emi..."

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" she asked as she was being picked up.

"What I want... is your head. But if I killed you now, there wouldn't be any fun in that. So your pathetic life is spared... for now."

"But... who are you?"

"You can call me... Kusanagi. I'm your master's clone." he said as he set her down.

"And now I dare you to run away from me again..."

"I'm not taking that risk. You'd perform the Koto Tsuki You on me if I tried to do that."

"You're a smart girl. Now come on, you little wench." Kusanagi growled as he harshly grabbed her neck and pulled her along.

"Where are you taking me?"

"To a place that you don't know. And just to make sure that you don't remember the path... Form 212: Koto Tsuki You!"

"What? You lying fuck!" she screamed as she was caught in the deadly technique that had set her on fire and had caused her to lose consciousness.

"Hah, you never saw it coming." Kusanagi whispered as he kneeled down and kissed the knocked out heiress' lips. Then he got up and picked her up with little effort before heading out to who knows where.

'And when you wake up, we are going to have a little fun. Do you understand, Miss Emi?'

~end of chapter six~