A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Introduction: Emi's Sweet Savior~

'It's 11:00... time to close up for the night...' is what the seventeen year old Emi Tsuki thought to herself, sighing as she counted the last rolls of yen before locking up and heading home.

Well, to her, working part-time at a convience shop wasn't much, it was worth it every once in a while, and sometimes, it was a bit boring, being the only one working at the time. The only comfort from Emi's boredom there is when her friends arrive. Even her sister Keiko kept her occupied at times.

And that was during the afternoons. Now all she cared about was going home and hitting that soft bed... and maybe dream about guys that she liked... oh well, there will be plenty of time for that, she thought.

'Huh, I don't have enough yen to catch the bus home... I guess walking won't be much of a problem...' Emi thought, taking in a deep breath before hitting the road. She didn't think about any potential dangers for a while...

Until she felt a painful strike that successfully targeted her head...

The young girl groaned and tried to get up, but instead, she was being picked up. But where was she going? Afterwards, she was being carried into a dark alley, set down on cold ground and tried to listen to her attacker, but failed. She was still trying to clear her head of the dizziness from that blow.

She felt something... his hands were focused at her neck, lifting her up in a cruel manner. Emi's sudden coughs and sputters only made it worse and the grip on her neck tightened. Now the girl coughed blood out, and she was afraid for her own life.

She cried out and struggled, but then she noticed something...

'My flames... I can't control them properly... why are they here...?'

After her short burst of freedom, she was pressed to the hard concrete ground and was slashed twice. She yelped when the knife swiped her cheek, but cried out when it slashed her stomach roughly.

'That's it, I'm done for...' she thought, but then she noticed a flash of light, followed by the sound of footsteps that gradually became louder with every passing second.

"Huh..." is what the voice said, kneeling down and took a good look...

'Wha... what's a girl doing here...?'

Then that person took yet another look and noticed a knife... aimed right at her chest! After launching a strong kick to knock the knife out of the assailant's hands, both fighters got up, and Emi tried to crawl to a safe spot.

She took a good look at her attacker, then directed her attention to the person who had just saved her life. Thanks to the flame that was glowing, she had an advantage to look at that face... but lost it because her vision was slowly fading.

"Please help me, whoever you are!" Emi cried as tears streamed down her face. She could tell that it was clearly a male... and not much else. And she was really interested in seeing what this guy can do.

Of course, he didn't hesitate to attack, dodging the crazed assailaint's knife slashes and countering with flaming punches and quick kicks. Emi blushed lightly after thinking that he was kinda cute... but then her pain cut off that thought.

"Isogu koto! (Hurry!)" she screamed again, clutching her stomach and coughing blood out.

'Damn...' the young man thought and decided that he had to end this battle. And with a bone-crushing cry, he rushed to the assailant, picked him up with one hand, and released him... painfully. Emi watched in awe as her attacker was now engulfed in powerful flames that quickly died out.

'Hmph... typical idiots...' he thought and directed his attention to a wounded Emi. Thanks to his flaming fists, it didn't take him that long to find her.

"Oh my god.." he mumbled after he took a good look at her. The young girl coughed a small amount of blood out and she touched his cheek lightly while giving a very faint smile.

"Thank you very much... but... you have to help me..." she said in a barely audible voice while revealing her nasty wound. He nodded and picked her up with very little effort.

'Oh my... he's tough and gentle at the right times...' Emi thought and held onto him tightly as he ran through the streets.

"Please... hurry..." she said as he looked into her dark eyes.

"I'll try... just hang on, okay?" he responded as she moaned and coughed violently.

'Chikusho! (Damn it!)'

After a few minutes of what seemed like forever with this man, Emi slowly lost consiousness...

'Thank you, my sweet savior... I'll never forget what you've done, and I hope that I can see you again...'

~end of introduction~