Kusanagi's Wrath (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Ten: Emi's Brutal Battle~

'The time to attack is near...'

As Emi silently and slowly got out of bed and slipped out of Kyo's protective arms, she walked outside into the night wearing the same tank top and shorts that she had on, plus, she wore her Kusanagi gloves in case of any emergency.

It was a good idea... for she had sensed that somebody... and a battle... was near...

'Huh...' she thought as she flipped off of the house step and quickly shifted into her defense.

"Who's there? Show yourself if you're not afraid to fight me!"

"I'm surprised that you're actually going to fight this time, Emi..."

"Kusanagi!" Emi said as she barely dodged a flaming punch, then she was pinned down to the ground.

"Come on, you are going to fight back, right?" the clone said as he pressed her head further into the dirt as she coughed and struggled to breathe.

"You will feel my fire! Serpent Blast!" she cried as her body burned with flames, blowing her opponent away. She quickly got up and stared at him.

"I thought that Nikaido-san had killed you!"

"Well, you thought wrong. Indeed, that deadly technique of his had the potential to destroy me, but it seems that I was lucky enough to survive it."

"Seems that you had the devil's luck there. You make me sick, you bastard." she growled, her voice dripping with venom and hate.

"You better be careful... your rage will cloud your actions." he said as he smirked and launched a wave of fire. The Tsuki heiress smirked back and performed a backflip to dodge the attack.

"Koredemo... kuraye! (Take... this!) Form 101: Oboro Guruma! (Twilight Wheel!)" Emi cried as she lunged towards Kusanagi and performed three kicks that had sent her into the air. She had managed to hit him, but upon her graceful landing, she had realized that it would be painful...

"You're too slow... Form 100: Oni Yaki! (Demon Burn!)" the clone cried as swirls of deadly flames surrounded him and connected with the young girl, igniting her on fire. She cried out and hit the ground, coughing and spitting blood from her mouth as she struggled to get up.

"Had enough?"

"I'm not through with you yet!" she screamed as she rushed towards him, the fire that was burning within her became stronger.

"Eat this! Tsuki's Form 212: Tsuki No De! (Rising of the Moon!)" the heiress cried as she extended her elbow, hoping to grab him and deal some damage... but she had completely missed. Before she could even think or say a word, the clone snuck behind her and snaked an arm around her waist, the free hand was used to cover her mouth, preventing any screams and turning them into little muffles of help.

"Do you see what happens when you fight with your rage?"

"Mmm! Mmm..." was Emi's muffled cry as her body began to glow with flames again, but he retaliated by doing the same thing.

"I don't know why you force me to do these things to you, little girl..." Kusanagi whispered as she was blown away. Emi cried in pain as soon as she hit the ground, then she struggled to get up.

"Why... you're just NESTS's little puppet..."

"Fuck NESTS! I have no connection with those morons!"

"But they created you..."

"I know that... they wanted me to eliminate your master... but I didn't listen to them... I went by my own free will instead..."

"What do you mean?"

"Your master is the reason that I exist right before your eyes... he is the reason that my life's a living hell... that's why I want his head..."

"I feel your pain... but I won't let you kill Master Kyo."

"You amuse me, Emi. The way that you fight is simply pathetic, and you say that you will stop me?"

The young heiress simply growled and clenched her fists, dark crimson flames were emitting from them.

"The name of Tsuki will not be insulted!" she said as she got up.

"Heh, I like it when you have your little girly hissy fits. They really... enhance my flames, you know."

"You sick, perverted fuck! Eat this! Form 108: Yami Barai! (Darkness Sweep!)" the heiress cried as she launched a flaming ground projectile that blazed towards her opponent. She lightly smirked as the clone tried to block her flame and struggled to protect himself from the blaze... but she had expected him to break out of the flame's deadly heat.

"Heh, nice try, little girl..."

"Damn you..." she whispered as she noticed that he was charging energy.

"I will show you the extent of my true power... are you willing to take that risk?"

"Bring it on..." Emi said as the two fighters charged at full speed towards themselves, extending their flaming fists... but in the end, it was Kusanagi that had connected with his target.

'No... how could this happen...?' the heiress thought as the deadly flames began to die out, and she was slowly losing her consciousness...

"I warned you... but you had to take it upon yourself to be some sort of supergirl... very amusing." the clone said as he carried the heiress' limp body along.

'And now I have the perfect plan to eliminate your master... let's just say that it will reach new heights...'

Early the next morning, Kyo slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times before he looked to his side.

'Emi... where is she...?'

He got out of bed wearing a pair of sweatpants and headed to the kitchen, expecting her to be there, making breakfast for the two of them... and eating three-fourths of it... but she wasn't there, either.

'Where the hell is she?'

The bathroom door was open, the guest room was empty, and now his hopes had just run dry.

'This better not be what I think it is...'

The Kusanagi heir quickly took care of his needs and ran outside, his fists burning with flames of rage.

'Kusanagi... he's back... I can sense it... don't worry, Emi... I'll find you... and I'll make sure that he will pay...'

Thirteen hours later, Emi slowly woke up, but she didn't bother to move, knowing that she had chains attached to her wrists and ankles, but her Kusanagi gloves were still intact.


"So, my lovely prisoner is finally awake..." Kusanagi said as he kneeled down beside the young heiress and softly stroked her cheek.

"You better let me go, you sick fuck." she said as her captor lightly laughed.

"Sure... but there's one little thing... you have no chance of leaving. I have blocked the only exit with heavy crates that you can't move even if your life depended on it."

"You always have dirty tricks up your sleeve." the Tsuki heiress spat as the clone removed her restraints.

"And besides, where am I?"

"We're at the construction site of what is about to be the future home of the Nakamura building... it's thirty stories tall... and it's the perfect spot for my new plan to kill your master..."

"Over my dead body."

"Well then, if you want to stop me... then we'll battle again. I have sensed that you didn't fight with your full potential and I know that you like things that shake your life to make it a lot more interesting..."

"How... did you...?"

"I have his thoughts and memories. Anything that he knows or has just learned will become my thoughts as well, and that keeps me one step ahead of him."

"Damn you..."

"You'll hate me even more when you will find out what I've done to somebody close to you..."

That thought had struck her inside her heart, mind, and soul. Who did he hurt... or kill...?

Was it her sister, her mother, her best friend, or her father?

Well, if he had hurt her father, she wouldn't care too much, since he had abandoned her and Keiko...

The young heiress slowly got into her fighting stance and lightly bit her bottom lip.

"Kusanagi... you will tell me what you've done..."

"Then you'll have to fight me if you want the truth. Ikuze, kawaiinochan. (Let's go, cutie.)" the clone said as he made a gesture for her to come to him and smirked. Emi took a deep breath and readied herself.

"It's your move, girl." he said as she clenched her fists and rushed with full speed.

"I'll show you what I'm made of! Tsuki's Form 212: Tsuki No De!" Emi cried as she ran with all of her might, and her speed was no match for Kusanagi as her elbow connected with the back of his neck and unleashed a flaming uppercut to finish. The clone simply grunted as he hit the cold floor and her flames died out.

"Tell me what you've done!"

"I will... if you can stand up to me." he said as she lunged at him and performed a hop kick, but she didn't see the sweeping move that had sent her to the floor. The young heiress simply rolled out of the way as soon as she saw that his flaming fist nearly connected with her face, then she got up and performed a backflip that had connected with his chin and sent him back a bit.

"Okay... I'll tell you..."

"Say it."

"She had to be the one who had underestimated my strength... and she didn't survive my wrath... I have killed your mother."

As soon as she heard those words, tears immediately stung Emi's eyes, and they slowly began to flow down her face.

"Why?! You fucking psycho!" she screamed as she now began to fight with pure rage.

"What did I tell you about fighting with your anger...?" Kusanagi quietly said as he grabbed her arm and twisted it in a very painful manner, causing her to scream and cry out.

"Please! I can't take any more!" she cried as she hit the floor and dragged him with her, sobbing uncontrollably.

"You're damn lucky that I didn't break off your fuckin' limb." the clone snarled as he pressed her down. The young heiress cried loudly and tried to see his face through her tears. The cries were turning into painful screams, then she tried to calm down, and that resulted in light whimpers.

"Please... please... let me go." she silently whispered.

"What if I had kept you in this position in front of your master's eyes...?"

"He'd kill you for that. His flames of hate towards you have been strong since the time that you've..."

"The time that I've raped you... yes, I remember... heh."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to let his flames of hate become a bit stronger..."

"You wouldn't..."

"Just watch me... and feel the pain that I will give to you..." he whispered as he dragged her across the floor, pulling her by her long hair until she reached a wall. Then he handcuffed her arms and forcefully pulled her into a lusty kiss.

"No... yamenasai. (please stop this.)" the young heiress whispered as her captor slowly ran his fingers down her neck, then he stopped at her cleavage and softly smirked.

"You know... I wish I could continue... but I do think that it is better to play this little scene in front of him..." Kusanagi whispered as he rubbed her covered left breast, then he stopped and got up.

"And besides, if I can't have you... then I have no other choice but to kill you along with him. You will be happy to reunite with your mother, right?"

"Kono... jiekshiume! (You... fucker!)"

"I knew you would say that..." the clone said as he watched his captor bite back her tears and left.

"Master Kyo... please help me..." Emi whispered as she cried, then she slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

'I need you... and I'm sorry for my failure as a fighter...'

~end of chapter ten~