A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Seven: Stripped Dignity~

As Kyo was heading home on his motorcycle, he noticed that there was not a single light on in any home.

'Huh... must've been those strong winds earlier...'

He parked in front of his house, and opened the front door by the use of his keys. After he entered and shut the door behind him, he ignited a flame in the palm of his hand and looked around.

"Emi? Are you here? It's me, Kyo..."

After he entered the hallway, he noticed somebody on the floor, unconscious. He quickly snuffed his flame and kneeled beside the person, taking the body into his arms before he finally felt movement and softened his once strong grip.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Kusanagi-san... what happened to me?"

"Miyuki... you were unconsious. And where's Emi?"

"Oh... she was attacked by some guy... I think he kidnapped her."

"Where are they?"

"I don't know. I told her to run so I could battle and distract him."

"Listen, you've had a rough night, so you can stay here until you can manage to recover, okay?"

"Thank you so much, Kyo..." Miyuki whispered as she struggled to get up and headed to the guest room.

"Do you need any help?"

"No thanks, I'm fine." the sporty girl said as she entered the room and tried her best to relax on the bed.

"And while you're resting... I'm going to find the dick that did this shit." Kyo whispered as he left and sped off on his motorcycle. He knew he needed backup, so he had to call on three certain people...

Benimaru Nikaido, Kyo's best friend who's always willing to give a helping hand (and to try to eclipse the Kusanagi sun)...

Shingo Yabuki, Kyo's first student and Emi's good friend who can't shoot flames but makes up for it in strength and good will...

and Keiko Tsuki, Emi's bitchy little sister who masters the use of the small and long samurai swords, but itches to stab someone in the back or stick her sword through their body if he or she has done anything to her sister (or Kyo).

"Beni... Shingo... Tsuki-sama... it's time to kick a dumb cunt's ass." the Kusanagi heir whispered as his energy now relied on questions, hate, and rage.

In some unknown area, Emi slowly opened her eyes and tried to move, but she had chains attached to her wrists and ankles.

"Ugh... such a cold floor too... hey, where am I?"

"Does it matter?" Kusanagi whispered as he inched his way to the restrained heiress.

"Yes, it does... you sick fuck." she harshly said.

"Watch your mouth... soon, you'll regret saying that... especially to someone like me." the clone said, kneeling down and grabbed her by her shirt.

"What kind of use do I have for your twisted plans?"

"I'm using you as bait to kill your precious master... and if I fail in that, your head is mine. But that doesn't mean that I can't have a little fun in between..." he whispered as he softly stroked her cheek before he moved in for a kiss that wasn't of passion or love, but of lust. Emi moaned in protest and tried to activate her flames, but instead, she cried out in pain.

"Oh, that's right... I stripped you of your Kusanagi gloves after I had performed the Koto Tsuki You on you... so now your greatest weapon is your worst enemy." the clone said after he lifted his head. The Tsuki heiress simply growled and spat in his face.

"You little bitch." he said as he wiped the saliva off of his face and began to choke her.

"Please... stop this..." she whispered as she coughed and struggled to breathe.

"And what if I don't?" he asked and smirked as she moaned in pain.

"I'm restrained... I can't unleash the full power of this move... but I'll try... Tweaked Form 717: Koma HoFuri: Honoo Gyakusatsu! (Spinning Slaughter: Flame Massacre!)" she cried as her leg began to burn, breaking one ankle restraint and managed to smack Kusanagi away, but only for a short while.

"So, you can activate flames in your legs without the Kusanagi's assistance...? Interesting... I wonder what it's like to get in between them..." he said as he wiped away the blood that flowed from the cormers of his mouth, then he grinned lightly.

"Yes, that's what makes me unique... you sick fuck." she whispered as her leg kept burning.

"Such a pity... that's your only source of light. I suggest that you save your energy, little girl."

'Oh no... he's right... I have no choice but to snuff this flame.' she thought as she panted and shut off her flame.

"That's better..." he said in a seductive tone as he crawled to her and grabbed ahold of her legs, then the leg that was used to perform the previous technique burned again.

"Miss Emi... I don't think that your weak movements will work again..." he whispered as she growled and thrusted her heel into his face, but it was grabbed instead.

"Oh, shit."

"Shit, huh? The word I'm looking for is 'fuck'... that is, in 'fucking' you!" the clone said, forcing himself on top of her and gave her another lustful kiss. Her mind had refused it, but her body had accepted it.

"No... I have to break out of this..." she whispered as he lightly laughed and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her covered breasts.

"Damn... they're kind of... large... for a girl your size."

"Kusanagi! You fucking pervert!" she screamed as she tried to kick him away again.

"The only thing you're doing is wasting your energy. Relax..." he whispered as he removed her bra and began to massage her breasts, causing her to moan lightly.

"No... stop, please..."

"What do you mean? I'm just getting started..." he said as he continued.

"And by the way... your master has some very strange taste when it comes to choosing his friends... like that fruity-looking guy who can channel electricity... or that wannabe friend of yours who can't shoot flames..."

'Okay... I'm really kicking his ass now... nobody disses Nikaido-san or Yabuki-san or questions their strength!' Emi thought as her torture continued.

"What's wrong, Emi? Your body can't take any more of what I'm giving to you? That's too bad..." Kusanagi said as his hands slowly trailed down her body... to a certain wet spot that she wished that he would ignore.

"You sick fuck..." she whispered as she felt his fingers touch her intimate area which was covered by her cotton panties... but not for long.

"Nothing but plain cheap shit." he growled as he ripped the clothing aside.

"Please... I'm begging you... stop this right now..." she whispered as she felt a faint zip.

'Uh-oh... he's going to take away something that I've been holding for so long...'

The young heiress moaned as soon as she had felt his erect member enter her body, but it became painful after a while...

"What... you're... a virgin...?"

"Ooh... yess..."

"You're expecting me to break your inner wall... aren't you?"

"Yes... wait, no!"

"Sorry... you said 'yes'..." he whispered as he thrust even further into her, now breaking the wall.

"No... no, no, no..." she whispered and moaned as he slid in and out of her, massaging her breasts and nearing his peak.

"Oh, shit!" he yelled as he came, his semen violating her body. The Tsuki heiress whimpered as her muscles clamped on his flesh and multiple climaxes violently surged through her body.

"Ku... sa... na... gi..." Emi whispered as she panted and stared into his blood-red eyes.

"So... did you have fun?" he whispered as he took himself out of her and she shook her head.

"No... way... in... hell... you... sick... fuck..."

"That's too bad. I have enjoyed it myself... but I'll do something for you in return..." the clone said as he stood up and zipped his pants, then he replaced her bra, buttoned her shirt, and fixed her skirt.

"Sorry about the panties... you know what happens when you get caught in the moment..." he whispered as he kneeled down for one last kiss, and this time, it had passion.

"What's going to happen to me, now that... this has happened?"

"Consider yourself lucky, I can't reproduce. And besides, I had to take my anger out on somebody. Sweet dreams, Emi..." he said and left. And as soon as that happened, the young girl gave a primal scream that echoed through that abandoned warehouse that she was in.

"Master Kyo! Nikaido-san! Yabuki-san! Keiko! Miyuki! Somebody get me out of this shit!"

~end of chapter seven~