A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Four: Mending A Girl's Broken Heart~

After her long day at school, Emi ran through the streets and different neighborhoods, never stopping for a drink or an extra burst of air... until she stopped at Kyo's house... in tears that were streaming down her face. Before she even managed to ring the doorbell, the door opened, revealing her master in the usual school uniform that he always had on.

"Miss Emi... what's wrong?" he asked with heavy concern in his voice as he let her inside.

"My...my..." she said in between choking sobs while trying to catch her breath at the same time.

"I think you should lie down for a bit..." the Kusanagi heir whispered as he guided her to the guest room, then the two sat on the edge of the bed.

"My... boyfriend left me for another girl..."

"Damn..." he mumbled as he took her into his arms.

"And... he's been seeing her while he was seeing me..."

"Okay... what's the dumb fuck's name?"

"Kai Ainomi... he's the brother of my teammate, Julia."

"And who's the girl?"

"Um... I think her name is Yuki... that girl with the short brown hair... I think she's your girlfriend, Master Kyo."

"Hell, not anymore. She can just piss off for all I care." Kyo said with venom in his voice, causing the Tsuki heiress to look into his eyes.

"Why was I so stupid to fall in love..."

"Don't say that... you'll never know when you'll find the right guy. He could be right in front of your face..."

"Huh...?" she whispered as he lightly smiled, then kissed her forehead.

"I just said that he could be right in front of your face."

"Oh..." she said, then she began to yawn after a light laugh.

"I don't think you want to go home with that crazy ass sister of yours after what you've just been through... so... I guess spending the night here won't be that bad... if that's okay with you." the Kusanagi heir said after he released her.

"Sure... but I don't know why you're the only guy that my mom allows me to spend the night with..." she whispered before he left the room.

'Oh, there's a perfectly good explanation for that, Miss Emi...' he thought as he left her to rest. As he headed for his motorcyle, his fists burned with pain and rage.

'Why, Yuki? Why did you hurt me...?'

He let out a heavy sigh before he revved his motorcycle and left for Emi's house. After cursing the traffic lights, the heavy traffic... and the dumb drivers that were in it, he reached his destination. He slowly got off and walked towards the house, waiting for someone to come...

Instead, a small samurai sword landed in front of him, barely missing his foot. He immediately knew who it was.

"Tsuki-sama! What the hell in fuck's name is wrong with you?!" he yelled as she came outside.

"Where's my sister?!"

"Okay, Godzilla... she's with me."

"I don't think so!"

"Well, she thinks so... that's why she's not with your psycho ass. And besides, if she told you, you'd go on a killing spree. What she's going through is for the mentally sane to hear!"

"Fuck you, Kusanagi-baka." Keiko mumbled, then went inside. After a few minutes, she came outside with a small backpack.

"Tsuki... what's that?"

"This has Emi's clothes and stuff... she wants to spend the night with you, so..." she said, then tossed the bag to Kyo.

"Hey, thanks."

"No problem... but why the hell did 'destiny' have to make you two go together? I swear, that's like putting cookies with orange juice." the younger heiress said as she walked to her small sword, pucked it out of the ground, and placed it back into the holder.

"Oh well... you can't change the past or tinker with the present... so do me a favor... and see that she gets a good future." she said as he smiled.

"I'll do what I can, Tsuki-sama." the Kusanagi heir said as he headed for his motorcycle.

"Yes... try your hardest... but that doesn't mean that I can't be bitchy around you!"

"Well... fuck you too. See ya." he said as she laughed and sped off.

'Kyo... Emi... I wish you two the best of luck.' she thought as she went inside to continue her training.

After a few hours, Emi was sitting with her best friend, Miyuki Kumebara, and they were talking about the events that had happened at school today, until Kyo came into the room, holding the bag that had contained the young girl's belongings.

"Hey, Emi... who's this girl?"

"Oh, this is my best friend, Miyuki Kumebara." she said and looked at the sporty girl who was all starry-eyed.

"Emi... you weren't lying when you said that you know the legendary Kusanagi Kyo... he looks a helluva lot better in person!" she squealed and ran towards him, holding his left arm.

"Hello..." she whispered, sounding like some sort of fangirl.

"Um... Emi... can you get your clingy friend off of me?"

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Miyuki said as she looked at Kyo.

"Listen, um... what was your name again?"


"Okay... Miyuki. We're off to a bad start, so if you know what's best for you, you might as well let me go now."

"Ah, sorry." she said and did what she was told.

"That's okay. At least you're not like those other crazy clingy fangirl bitches. Emi, you have good taste when it comes to your friends."

"Thanks." the Tsuki heiress said, blushing a bit. Unfortunately, Miyuki noticed and she smiled.

"Ah, so you like your master, huh...?"


"Ah well. The cute guys always go for the pretty girls rather than the sporty girls anyway. Damn it, I play just about any sport that you can name, and--"

"You have a heck of a lot more testosterone than me." Kyo said, trying to hold his laughter.

"Okay... Kusanagi-san... you're going to get a little taste of my Speed Drill if you don't shut that smart mouth of yours."

"Don't mind him, Miyuki. He likes to poke fun at people that don't drive him nuts." Emi quickly said, covering his mouth with her hand.

"Fine... but I have to leave for Softball practice now, so I'll see ya later."

"Bye." the young heiress said as she still had her hand over her master's mouth, watching her best friend leave before she finally lifted her hand.

"Damn, Emi! You really wanted me to shut up, huh?" he said as she laughed and relaxed on the bed, then after a while, he joined her, taking her into his arms again.

"Yes." she said as he grinned and pinned her down, looking into her dark eyes.

"Now it's your turn to shut up..." the Kusanagi heir whispered before he leaned down to kiss his soon-to-be girlfriend. Emi lightly moaned, then returned the kiss, giving the same passion that she had received. After she pulled away from it, she lightly panted and looked into his eyes.

"What... was that about...?"

"You're destined to be with me."

"What...? Why...?"

Before he could even explain it, Miyuki came back into the room, causing both of them to jump and act like nothing has ever happened between them.

"Oh, please. I've seen the way that you two were acting around each other anyway. I apologize, but I forgot my Varsity jacket... it's a little chilly out there." the sporty girl said before she picked it up and left.

"Um... I don't want to be rude... but I feel like taking a nap."

"You want to sleep... before you eat?"


"I brought some food on the way back, and--"

"Thank you!" the Tsuki heiress called as she ran out of the room.

'Miss Emi... is my true love... and I have to be the one to protect her... even if I have to sacrifice my own life to do this.'

~end of chapter four~