Kusanagi's Wrath (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Nine: Moments of Hidden Pleasure~

'I know you're out there, Emi... I will find you... and I will make sure that I will have your master's head... you will feel my wrath again...'

Now in the home that Kyo Kusanagi and Emi Tsuki shared together, the two had invited Shingo Yabuki over to watch a couple of horror movies with them. The trio sat in the couple's bedroom, sitting in front of the television... or the 'idiot box' as Emi and Keiko's mother would often call it.

The door and the windows were shut, resulting in the room to become extremely hot during this summer night. Emi sighed and removed her shirt which had revealed a white tank top... and Kyo tried his best not to stare at her for long moments at a time... but he too knew that he was hot as well, and it wasn't from his sudden horniness of staring at the girl that loves him.

"Hey, we're out of drinks and snacks... those were the last of them from the kitchen..." Emi mumbled.

"That's all right, I'll just go ahead and buy some more then." Kyo said as he stopped the tape and was about to get up, but Shingo stopped him.

"No, you have to stay behind and look after Miss Tsuki." the young pupil said as he looked at his master who sat back down on the bed.

"All right... the keys to the bike are on the table next to the front door."

"Thanks. I'll be back in twenty minutes." Shingo said as he left the house, then Emi lightly chuckled.

"Emi... what's so funny?"

"He said that he would be back in twenty minutes, right?"

"Um... yeah." the Kusanagi heir said as the Tsuki heiress smirked, shut off the television and turned off the lights.

"Then that gives us plenty of time to do something..." she whispered seductively as she laid down on top of him, then she pulled him into a deep kiss.

"Ohh... Miss Emi..." he whispered in response as she slipped her hands under his shirt, touching and feeling that muscular chest of his, then she broke the kiss and removed the shirt. The young heir lightly gasped as the air made contact with his bare skin.

"You know... I've gotten a lot better since the last time that we've done this..." she whispered as he sat up, then she kissed him again, and this time, her tongue was slipping into his mouth.

'Come on... fight my fire with yours.' she thought as he moaned and returned the favor, attacking her mouth with needed hunger. The young girl broke the kiss again and she lightly laughed.

"You know... if we switch positions, I will be yours." the heiress said as her master smirked and followed her request.

"Fine... but how do you want it?"


"Do you want it to be hard and fast or slow and passionate?"

"Um... slow and passionate."

"Okay then..." he whispered as he kissed her soft lips, then he moved down to her neck and planted soft kisses there, causing a low moan to escape from her throat.

"Oh... come on..." she moaned as his left hand massaged her cheek, his right hand massaged her covered breasts, and his kisses moved up to her lips once again.

"Hey, you said that you wanted it to be slow and passionate, right?"

"Oh... yeah..."

"Then patience is a virtue, Miss Emi..." the heir whispered as he slowly removed her shirt, then he lowered his head to kiss her breasts which were held together by her bra.

"Before I go any further, do you want it orally or by... intercourse?"

"Intercourse... please... I need it, Master Kyo..." she whispered as he removed her bra, then he sucked on her right breast as he massaged her left one, then after a couple of minutes, he changed position.

"How much time do we have left?"

"Ten minutes." the Kusanagi heir said as he removed her shorts and panties before he dealt with himself.

"Are you ready?" he whispered as he softly stroked his stiffening length and moaned softly before he gently thrusted into her. The young girl lightly cried out and held one of his hands when he kissed her again.

"...mmm... ooh... yeah... give me more..." she whispered and moaned as he pushed what was remaining of his length into her.

"Ohh... Miss Emi..." he lightly said and began to thrust in and out of her at a slow pace.

"That's right... in and out, honey." she whispered and moaned again as he continued.

The young girl's moans were becoming louder and more erotic by the minute as he kept his slow pace of pumping in and out of her, then something hit her...

"Master Kyo... ohh... I'm coming... ahh..." the Tsuki heiress whispered as she softly squeezed his hand and pulled him into a deep kiss as she did so.

"...mmm..." the Kusanagi heir moaned as he tried his best to continue, but her inner muscles were clamping his flesh, sending him into a climax as he released inside of her...

But the release caused the young girl to cry out and come again...

And after he pulled himself out of her, she lightly whimpered and shivered as he kissed her cheek.

"It's okay, I'm here for you." he whispered as he took her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

"Ohh... thank you... aishiteru. (I love you.)" the young girl whispered back as she rested her head on her master's chest, sharing a deep, passionate kiss with him, then she began to fall asleep, but then the two heard an awfully familiar voice...

"Kusanagi-san! Miss Tsuki! I'm back!"

"Shit... it's Shingo." Kyo said as the two jumped out of bed and they literally slapped their clothes on, giving each other quick kisses every few seconds.

But there was a problem... when Emi put on her tank top, she forgot to put on her bra, and that resulted in seeing her slightly busty breasts without very little effort.

And that certainly caused Kyo to look at them.

Now he really was hot from his sudden horniness.

But it really wasn't that big of a problem, since it really doesn't happen to him a lot.

But Kusanagi was a different story... his obsession and lust of Emi resulted in the torture and rape of her, the loss of her virginity to him, and the near death of Kyo.

But why did the Kusanagi heir have to become so horny after a session of lovemaking?

Hell, he didn't know, either.

"Hey, Emi... you care to have another round with your master?"

"What the... I thought that you were satisfied."

"Well, I am... but... I think I need more."

"No no no... you want more, and you'll get more later." she said as he grinned and tackled her to the bed, then he tickled her.

"You're a stubborn one..." he said as she slipped into uncontrollable fits of laughter, then he stopped when the bedroom door opened and somebody had closed the door behind.

"Hey, are you two okay?"

"Yes, we're fine." Kyo said as he looked at the young fanboy who was now sniffing the foreign scent that had just entered his nose.

"What is that smell...?"

"Um... uh..."

"Master Kyo... farted..." Emi said in a last minute stutter, and that had caused the Kusanagi heir to elbow her.

'Hey, I had to think of something! I couldn't tell him that we've had sex while he was gone!' she thought with her recently discovered ability of 'mind-talking'.

'I understand, but what kind of excuse was that?! I don't even pass gas!'

'That's a lie! You do that every time you go to the bathroom! And then you fling the door wide open after you're done! You could even kill a fly with that poison of yours!'


"Anyway... If you're going to get the drinks, they're in the fridge downstairs, but they're kinda warm, though." Shingo said as Emi nodded.

"That's all right, I'd rather have a warm drink than nothing at all." the Tsuki heiress said and left the room with her master following her. When the pair reached the kitchen, the young girl grinned, pressed him to the fridge, pulled him into a hungry kiss, and... her hand... was in his pants...

"Miss Emi! What are you doing?!" he fiercely whispered, his voice was close enough to a snarl.

"You wanted another round with me, so you're getting it." she said as the two ended up on the floor and she quickly unzipped his pants, staring at the eight inch stick.

"It looks like it's just about ready for me to eat..." she whispered as she grabbed the item with one hand and slowly moved it up and down. The heir sat up and grabbed her head, his fingers were going through her hair as he moaned, then she lightly licked the head for a few seconds before she took as much as she could into her mouth.

"You weren't kidding when you said that you've gotten better..." he said as he let out a quiet, shuddering moan.

'Ooh... I get so dripping wet and horny when you do that...' she thought as she added her humming technique which practically doubled his given pleasure.

"Ahh... ahh... then I'll return the favor when you're through with me..."

'Really...? You're so nice...'

"Ohh... get ready, I'm coming..." he whispered and bit his lip as he came, trying his best to prevent himself from screaming out his climax. The young heiress never stopped, even after she swallowed his fluids with little effort.

"Miss Emi... you can stop now." the heir commanded as she lifted her head and some more fluid came from his blood filled tip and coated a portion of his member.

"Oh... you still need to be cleaned." she whispered as she lapped his liquid and lightly laughed.

"You're not through...?"

"Oh, I am..." she whispered as she licked her lips and massaged her breasts through her tank top.

"When you set yourself straight and pull up your pants... you can fuck me... as hard as you can... because I need it." she said as she dealt with herself and grinned, then her laughs slowly turned into soft moans as soon as she felt his tongue attack her intimate area.

'I've never tasted you before...'

"Ohh... do you like it?"

'You taste sweet... it's sorta like honey.'

"Then if you keep going, I can give you more of it." she whispered as she continued to massage her breasts through the fabric of her shirt, then she lifted it up, dealing with the revealed flesh. The young heir kept his pace, then she tossed her head back in a light cry of pleasure as she continued to deal with her slightly busty breasts.

"Ohh... yeah... faster... I'm going... to come..." she whispered as he followed her request, then she gasped and softly moaned as she did so.

'Just because you came... that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop...' the Kusanagi heir thought as he continued.

"Please... I can't take any more..."

'You wanted me to fuck you as hard as I could, and you're getting it.'

"Ahh... Master Kyo..." she whispered as he lightly laughed and continued.

The young girl's light gasps turned into soft, erotic moans after a while, and she reached her second climax a lot faster than her first one, but she released a lot more of her fluids this time.

"That's my lovely girl." he said as he lapped what was remaining of her liquid, then he softly kissed her neck as he tenderly massaged her breasts.

"Thank you, Master Kyo." she whispered as he softly laughed and replaced her clothing before he grabbed three bottles from the fridge.

"It's no problem. Come on, we have to think of a good excuse for Shingo this time." Kyo said as the pair headed upstairs.

"Um... we were dealing with that ant problem."


"We really do have an ant problem, Master Kyo."

"Are you kidding?"

"Nope. But it's minor, so we really don't have to worry too much about it."

"That's good." he said as the two entered their bedroom...

But a certain someone was watching them...

'Kyo Kusanagi... you will regret what you've done to me... I will have your head...'

~end of chapter nine~