Kusanagi's Wrath (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Fourteen: Kyo's Insane Rampage~

*One month later*

"Ah, a new school year! Aren't you excited about this, Master Kyo?" is what Shingo asked in his usual high-spirited voice.

"No." the Kusanagi heir answered in a very dull and lifeless tone.

"Kyo-chan... you're still upset about that incident with Kusanagi, aren't you?" Emi asked in a state of concern.

"What the fuck do you think?!" he snapped at the young heiress, she immediately frowned and turned her head away.

"Sorry... it's just that... every time we encounter him, something always has to happen to you..."

"It's just another sign that we have to train harder, that's all. Come on, Miss Tsuki. We have to join Miyuki-chan for class now." Shingo said, politely tugging at the girl's arm.

"Okay. I'll see you later, darling. Take it easy, okay?" Emi said as she gave her master/lover a quick kiss on the lips before leaving with the young fanboy.

"I'll try my best..." the Kusanagi heir said in a small whisper before taking a seat in his first hour class next to Benimaru. This time, the narcissist's hair wasn't standing on end... he only let it down so he wouldn't block his classmates' view whenever they had to look at the board.

"Kyo, you're finally here! Seems that you've recovered from your injuries, eh?"

"Yeah... but that fucker gave me some wounds that won't heal for a while."

"Hey, don't worry about it. He's just trying to snip those wires in your head. Just try not to let that stuff get to you, alright?"


"All I'm saying is that you should take it slow, just enjoy the day."

The heir simply nodded and tried to listen to the boring "Welcome back to school!" speech. Yep, he'd hear that stuff all day, and it would certainly drive him nuts.

"Kyo... you worthless piece of shit... you've failed in everything that you've done. How can you possibly defeat me?"

The Kusanagi heir simply grunted and held his head in his hands.

"Kyo? You alright?" Benimaru asked, looking at his troubled friend.

"Yeah... it's just a small headache... it'll go away."

"Okay, if you say so..." the narcissist said as he resumed his deep concern for the young heir.

'I'm keeping a close eye on him... it looks like he could snap at any moment.'

Now Kyo's thoughts were running rampant, ready to consume him...

"Remember this lovely sight...?"

He knew it was Kusanagi's twisted, sick voice... and multiple images of Emi being raped by the clone that Keiko murdered flashed right before his eyes.

"Fuck..." the heir mumbled and clenched his teeth, trying his best not to scream or cry out. Instead, he simply raised his hand.

"Um, may I be excused to go to the bathroom, sensei?"

"All right, Kusanagi. But don't you start looking for your girlfriend, alright?"

"Fine." Kyo sighed and left the room with the hall pass in his hand. As he began to walk through the halls, various negative images kept flashing through his mind.

'Why won't they leave...?' the young heir thought as he entered the bathroom, standing over one of the sinks and started to splash cold water on his face. After that, he carefully looked at himself in the mirror.

"Jeez, I'm a fuckin' wreck..." he muttered as he looked closer into his image... then he began to see a certain someone...

"Kusanagi... this better not be a damn joke..."

"Oh no, Kyo... jokes are cruel... and the truth is a lot worse. Guess you're thinking about the time that your slutty girl was fucked, huh?"

"You! Just get out of my head! Go away!"

"Heh... I'm enjoying every lovely second of this... seeing you in this state like the pathetic piece of worthless shit that you are. Admit it, Kyo... you're better off being in heaven right at this very moment!"

"Lies... they're all lies..." Kyo whispered, then he clenched his fists, and they began to glow with flames.

"THEY'RE ALL FUCKING LIES!!!" the heir screamed as he launched a deadly blow to the mirror, shattering it into thousands of pieces, the bits of the glass that flew left cuts on his face, and his right trademark glove suffered a few tears from the impact, causing some really nasty cuts to his fist.

"KUSANAGI!!! ONE OF THESE DAYS, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!" Kyo roared as he growled and abruptly left the bathroom. And as soon as he did that, he came face to face with Benimaru.

"Beni... what the hell do you want?"

"Sensei sent me to go check on you. He just wanted to make sure that you were okay."

"I'm fine."

"Sure don't look like it. You've got cuts all over your face... and is that your blood on the floor?"

"I said I'm fine, damn it." Kyo growled, causing Benimaru to frown slightly and shrug.

"Okay, if you say so... come on, let's head back to class. At least we're not doing anything, seeing that it's the first day of school and all. Just rest, alright?"

"Fine." the heir mumbled as the two re-entered the room. As Kyo's blood stained the floor, one of his classmates was about to say something, but he was immediately silenced by the heir's threat of flames that were emitting from his fists.

Now there were more images playing through his mind...

"Get out of my head! Stop controlling me!"

"That's right, Kyo... express your pure hatred for me as I unleash my wrath! Feel what I'm about to give to you, to make sure that you'll NEVER prevail!!"

"I'LL KILL YOU! GET OUT OF MY HEAD...YOU FUCKER!!" Kyo cried out as more blood began to spill to the floor, then he began to slump to the ground, screaming in pure agony and rage, untamed flames were consuming his body, then all was silent as the flames died down, and he lost consciousness.

The last scrap of sanity that was in the mind of Kyo Kusanagi has finally snapped and faded away.

"Oh my god! Kyo!" Athena cried out as she rushed to the front of the room, aiding Benimaru in the process.

"Kusanagi must've caused him to go insane..." the narcissist mumbled as he began to pick up his now unconscious friend.

"Athena-chan... come with me. Sensei, I apologize for this... weird show that has just happened." he continued as he left.

"Nikaido-san... what's wrong with Kyo?" the young psychic girl asked.

"Well... I'm not supposed to tell anyone about this... but he recently found out that Kusanagi was back, and the clone did a whole bunch of crazy crap... he nearly killed him twice and tried to murder Emi and Miyuki by sending them down thirty stories to their death." Benimaru answered.

"Oh, my."

"Yep. All we know for sure is..." the narcissist said and trailed off a bit as he looked at Kyo's body resting on the bed in the health room.

"It's not over yet. We still have a long way to go before we can finally rest. This is the last time that he'll get away with this!"

~end of chapter fourteen~