A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Three: Sweet and Sour Revenge~

"It's been two weeks, and you've already shown some excellent battle skills. I'm really proud of you, Emi."

"Thank you, Master Kyo." is what the Tsuki heiress said in response, blushing a little bit. Unfortunately, Keiko noticed and she shook her head, wondering why her sister would even bother hanging out with this "lazy bum". Basically, that's what the younger girl always thought about him.

"Oh, and thanks for occupying me, I get bored at times, and customers don't come a lot."

"I can see that... it's just you, me, and... that cheap waste of skin and bones."

"Bite me, Kusanagi-baka." Keiko grumbled heavily, causing her sister to shake her head at both of the fighters.

"Aw, now you made your sister angry."

"Shut up, Master Kyo." Emi said and smiled lightly while Keiko rolled her eyes and mumbled something that the other two wouldn't be able to hear.

"I think I'm gonna leave now... before I even attempt to slit this man's throat... but I'll tell Mama that you'll be home late again." is what the younger Tsuki heiress said before exiting the convience shop.

"Good riddance." Kyo mumbled before directing his attention to his pupil.

"Well, I guess I'll go home now... so I'll see you tomorrow, if that's all right."

"Hey, everything's okay when you're with me." she said and smiled again, another one of her "pretty smiles". And that prevailing crush on her own master seemed to take control of her almost every single day... but she always shoved it off and thankfully, Keiko doesn't know... yet.

Yes, it was another late evening as Emi noticed that it was time to close up shop for the night. The hour of eleven held a beautiful starlit sky when the Tsuki heiress looked into it. If she managed to hurry home, she could get a good view from her bedroom window. And besides, simple things like a starlit sky could do wonders... but she wanted to share this moment with Kyo, and she found it rather foolish. She didn't even want to express the deep feelings that she had for him, ever since he saved her from hell, and now he's teaching her to use it to her fullest extent.

As she ran through Osaka's streets, she sensed a very disturbing aura, but decided that it was best for her to keep going.

'This aura... it feels so familiar...'

And that's when she noticed a fist that nearly made contact with her.

'Oh no...' she thought as she grabbed ahold of the assailant's arm, nearly breaking it before she tried her best to throw him down in front of her.

"Hah... you dumb fuck... you just don't know when to quit, do you?" she said as she dodged some knife slashes, but during her defense, she had cuts to her arms and had suffered a nasty blow to her stomach.

"All right! Form 101: Oboro Guruma! (Twilight Wheel!)" she cried as she gave three diagonal kicks to her assailant in the air. After she had landed gracefully to the ground, she had noticed that she wasn't finished just yet...

"Bring it on!" she yelled as she launched a strong kick... but missed.

"Ah, shit..." the young heiress whispered as she was grabbed from behind, but she wouldn't be restrained for long... and that's when her fists began to glow with flames, giving her assailant a warning sign to never touch her again.

"That's right, I have controlled my flames, and you're in for a little taste of Hell." she said as her right fist began to glow with flames.

"You're charcoal, pal! I now give you Hidden Form 108: Orochi Nagi! (Great Serpent Mow Down!)" she cried as she released a powerful flame that had surrounded the assailant's body, then they quickly died out as soon as his unconsious body had made contact with the ground. Emi kneeled down and did her best to regain herself, since she was exhausted from that fight.

'All right...' she thought as she finally got up and began to walk home, stepping over the body before continuing on her way... but then she heard something... somebody running...

'Huh...?' is what the heiress thought, but now she had to think fast, because she had heard a deadly and vicious cry...

"Form 212: Koto Tsuki You! (Koto Moon Positive!)"

'Oh shit, shit, shit! It's that rushing grab move!' she thought as she used the last of her energy to perform a backflip, dodging the deadly attack. She immediately thought that she was safe, until she was grabbed by her neck and painfully pushed to the nearest brick wall.

"Oh my god! Please don't kill me, I don't even know you!" she cried as blood seeped from the corners of her mouth, and tears flowed from her eyes.

"Huh... your master has trained you quite well... but you won't be so lucky against me, pathetic girl." came a dark voice as her neck was released, but she was too frozen to even make a move, since she had made contact with a pair of blood red eyes.

"Who... are you...?" she said in a barely audible whisper.

"I'll tell you that when we will meet again..."

Then the young heiress was released... right after a sneaky kiss was planted on her lips.

'What the...' she thought as she headed home while the moment kept replaying inside of her mind.

'What was that about...? Oh well, that doesn't really matter... but if he has to lay another finger on me, I swear... he will feel my Kusanagi flames...'

~end of chapter three~