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Kusanagi's Wrath (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Eleven: Bittersweet Victory~

'Emi... I know you're here...' Kyo thought as he stopped in front of the Nakamura construction site. The young heir got off of his motorcycle and helped Keiko off before he sent her to hide in a spot with his allies.

"You've hurt the love of my life for the last time..." he whispered as his fists began to glow with flames, then he extinguished them as soon as he found an opening that he could easily squeeze through. Then he called for Keiko and Miyuki to follow him through the narrow pathway, then the girls were told to wait until the need arises.

"Emi... are you here...?"

"Yes... but don't come near me."

"Why not?"

"Kusanagi's set some sort of trap. Please, for my sake, you have to leave now."


"What do you mean 'no'?"

"I can't leave you with that freak. Who knows what he'll do to you when I'm not around..."

"Master Kyo... please, you have to leave..."

"Don't worry about a thing, kawaiinochan. I won't kill you if he stays..."

"You...! What the fuck do you want with Emi?"

"A little business, a little pleasure... I guess I'm leaning for those lines..."

"You better hand her over to me if you don't want your head in my hands." Kyo snarled as his clone simply smirked.

"You don't live up to your threats... so how will this be any different?"

The Kusanagi heir growled as his fists began to glow with crimson flames, but then his clone simply laughed at his action.

"Oh, and besides... I know somebody will die tonight..."

"Yeah, you!"

"I don't think so..."

"What the fuck do you mean by that?!"

"Your actions will determine who dies... so, do you wish to fight me or not?"

"I... I..."

"Master Kyo..." Emi silently whispered.

"I... will... fight you... because I have made a promise to her... I swore to myself that I would protect her, even if I had to sacrifice myself to save her..."

"How touching... but it seems that you've made the wrong choice if you wanted her to live for another day."

"Cheating fucker!" the Kusanagi heir cried as he launched a flaming fist at his clone's face.

"You should heed my warnings..." the clone said as he launched a ball of flame at Emi, causing her to yelp as it barely missed the side of her face.

"Leave her alone! I'm the one you want!"

"Then why don't you stop the battle... it will help her a lot..."

"Master Kyo... if you truly love me... then fight. At least I won't die in vain..."

'You must be crazy, Emi...' Kyo thought as he extinguished his flames.


"You will live to see another day, even if I'm not around... face it, you're the true holder of this destiny, and who knows what'll happen if you die..."

"...But... you'll..."

"I'll be fine..."

"So, do you want to see your last moments before you die...?"

"What are you talking about, you sick fuck?"

"This." Kusanagi said as he slipped behind Kyo, pulled his arms back, forced him to the floor, then the clone simply forced his foot on his back.

"You know, I would have the extreme pleasure of breaking your worthless spine at this very moment... but I just want you to enjoy a little bit of entertainment before you die tonight..."

The Kusanagi heir grunted as his clone dragged him across the floor and handcuffed him to a wall as well, but he was near Emi. In fact, he could only see the left side of her.

"Emi... I'm sorry..."

"You should be... now you'll see what happens to her..."

"I swear, if you kill her..."

"I'm killing you... and I'm using her for a special need..."

"Teme! (Bastard!)" the heir cried as his clone simply smirked and slowly lifted the young girl's shirt, revealing her slightly busty breasts.

"She'll be fine after I exterminate you... I know you'll miss doing this to her... and besides, you can curse at me all you want..."

"Whatever, bitch."

The young heiress whimpered as she felt his hands massage her breasts, then she was forced into a lusty kiss after he removed her shorts.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Emi...?"

"You sick fuck..." the Tsuki heiress simply spat.

"She won't give into your perverted ways, Kusanagi." Kyo silently said.

"Is that so...? Then what is this little damp spot right... here...?" the twisted clone said as he pressed two fingers to her now soaking wet panties. The young girl simply cried out and whimpered again.

"Emi! Don't give in!"

"I'm trying... but my body... seems to accept this..."

"Hmm... guess you're not as innocent as your master once thought of you..."

"Please... stop... I can't take this any more..."

"I'm sure that you'd want more after I stop..."

"Yeah, right... you sicko."

"Let's see, then..." he said and stopped. Emi simply smirked and spat in Kusanagi's face, causing Kyo to smirk to himself lightly.

"You little..."

"I told you that she wouldn't give in..."

"Let's see how she'll give into this!" the clone growled as he wiped the saliva off of his face, pulled the young heiress into another lustful kiss, then he ripped her wet panties away.

"Ohh... no..."

'Even if he takes advantage of you tonight... something will await him when he least expects it...'

Then Kyo tilted his head to the side and looked at Keiko, who had one of her small swords in her hand, the cold blade was pressed to her lips.

'Kusanagi... you will suffer the consequences for your twisted pleasures...' the blade wielding heiress thought as Miyuki looked on, her fists were tightly clenched.

'I can't stand to see her in this state...' the sporty girl thought as she tried her best to hold her anger back.

Then Emi continued to scream, cry, moan, and protest as her captor continued his assault.

"I know you like this very much... so why don't you do me a big favor... and let me come inside you..."

"Hell will freeze over before that happens, you dumb fuck." Kyo simply snarled as his clone simply laughed and moaned to his response.

"Mmm... you were right about your girl, Kyo... so wet... so tight..."

"You sick fuck!" the Kusanagi heir cried out as he looked at his pupil who was literally in tears, crying out in protest and pain, then...

"Ahh... that's a good girl... letting me come inside you..."


"Emi... I can't believe this twisted shit..."


'Hmm... I bet you'll enjoy this as well, Kusanagi...'

The twisted clone was literally absorbed in his pleasure, and it made him fail to notice one major thing that could have saved his fucked up life... Keiko was ready to kill him in pure rage and cold blood...

'Heh... I'll see you in Hell, you fucking bastard!'

"Aah... Quadruple Stab!" the young heiress cried out as she threw four small swords which painfully nailed Kusanagi... three of them went into his back, and the fourth one was sent to the back of his head.

"Oh my god!" Emi cried as she was shaking in total fear, then screams of true horror echoed, then after a while, she managed to gather herself, taking deep breaths every now and then, just staring at the blood that was now seeping to the cold floor.

"Shit... Tsuki-sama..." Kyo whispered as Keiko smirked and cut the chains that had restrained him, then she did the same with Emi.

"I told you that I'd stab someone if they mess with my sister like that."

"Heh... I see now..."

"You were damn lucky that I was on my good side the whole time when I was with you, Kyo."

"Um... yeah..." the Kusanagi heir said nervously, causing Miyuki to smirk as she ran a hand through her short hair.

"Hey, Keiko..." the Tsuki heiress whispered silently.


"Kusanagi said that he had killed Mama-san... is it true...?"

"Oh, how can I explain this... we did lose our mother... but Kusanagi did not kill her... in fact, nobody had killed her..."

"So... you mean...?"

"Yes... a peaceful death... she told us to stay strong right before she had died..."

"...Okay..." Emi whispered as her sister sighed and removed her small swords from the dead clone, wiping the blood away with her shirt and staining the fabric as a result.

"Tch... I never thought that I had to kill to protect the ones I love..."

"That day had to come sooner or later, Tsuki-sama..." Kyo silently whispered.

"Mmm... yeah, you're right... for the very first time."

"Shut the fuck up and let's get out of here."

"Okay, but... where's Miyuki... and Emi...?"


Then the two noticed the sporty girl running as fast as she could to the two fighters...

"Miyuki! What's the matter?" the Kusanagi heir asked as he helped to let her catch her breath.

"We've got... some more trouble... another clone of yours... has kidnapped Emi... and they're going... to the top floor... of the building site..."

"Shit! Okay, you two can go hide in another spot... I need Beni and Shingo for backup this time."

"Yes... Kyo..." Miyuki said as Keiko helped her, then the young heir ran towards his destination...

'We didn't kill Kusanagi after all...'

~end of chapter eleven~