Kusanagi's Wrath (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Thirteen: A Granted Wish?~

'Don't worry about that little heiress for now...'

"Um, Kyo... we've been walking around in circles for quite a while now, and your arm really needs to be looked at."

"Then you fix it." the Kusanagi heir spat.

"Fine. Just give me your jacket." Benimaru said as Kyo shrugged and slid it off, being cautious of his right arm, allowing his best friend to use it as a replacement for an arm sling.

"There. You happy now?"

"Yeah. Thanks... "Ni-gay-do"."

"Fuck you, "Kusana-gay". I've seen the way that you were looking at Iori in that last tournament. I'm telling Tsuki-kawaiinochan (Tsuki cutie) about that!"

"Hey, I don't go to that side of the street!"

"I'm sure that you've crossed that street to visit some of those houses a couple of times." is what the electrical narcissist said as he smirked.

"Fuck you!" Kyo snarled, then smirked as he kicked his friend in the behind, sending him down to the pavement.

"You know what? You're damn lucky that you have that broken limb of yours right now, Kyo." Benimaru grumbled as he got up, noticing that the Kusanagi heir's face simply turned from a smirk to a serious look.

"Beni... we can diss the crap outta each other another time. I think I'm sensing Kusanagi's aura..."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I can't deny it. Now keep your guard up."

"Got ya. Don't worry about a thing."

"Maybe you should worry now. Worry about coming out of here alive!"

"You! You fucker! I don't care if I have a broken limb, I can still kick your ass to the next millenium!"

"Try that and you will pay... with your life!"

Now it was Benimaru's turn to speak up...

"How can you call yourself a fighter when you hide in the shadows like a little bitch?" the narcissist said and smirked as he raised a finger, electricity was circling and crackling around it. Then he simply called "Come on out!", but nothing happened.


"He's just a little coward, hasn't even shown his face or did anything."

"Hey! Watch out, man!" Kyo cried out as soon as he noticed that his clone was going to launch a surprise attack on his best friend. The Kusanagi heir quickly reacted by shoving Benimaru aside and struggled against blocking Kusanagi's intense flames before negating the attack with...

"Kurai... YAGARE!!"

His trademark technique... the Orochi Nagi.

After the flames died down, Kyo panted, looked at his cocky friend, and gave him a look that could easily burn a hole right through his head.

"Beni! Body ga garaaki da ze! Body ga orusu da ze!! (You've left yourself open! You're not paying attention!!) What the fucking flying hell is wrong with you?!"

Then there was another moment of silence before the young heir finally spoke in a small whisper...

"Forget it. We have to get out of this place. Just run!"

It didn't take a genius to know that his electric friend agreed, the two of them scampering through the massive site, weaving through different obstacles, but then stopped when they laid their eyes on a certain someone, the twisted crimson flames were glowing brightly.

"So, you're going to leave without having a little fun?"

"In two words... Hell, yeah!" Kyo cried out and launched a flaming wave to distract Kusanagi while he and Benimaru continued on their escape route.

"Kyo, you ignorant little fuck..." the clone growled as he broke through the flaming obstacle and countered with a Yami Barai, catching the two off guard. The Kusanagi heir cried out and fell forward, landing on his broken arm and giving out a painful, agonizing scream while Benimaru simply panted and moaned in pain.

"Fucker!" Kyo screamed as his clone gave a twisted smirk and spat in his face.

"Come on... you took your little slut girlfriend away from me... and you have your weak friend with you? Do you truly think that you will come out of this alive?"

"Maybe I'll answer that question in his place!" is what the narcissist cried out and gave a harsh cry as he released a devastating electric punch on the twisted clone, sending him back a good distance apart.

"Kyo! Get up!"

"I... can't..." is what the heir whispered as soon as he got up on his knees, struggling against the shooting pain that had consumed his body. Benimaru lightly frowned as he picked his friend up and flung him over his shoulder, being cautious of his broken arm.

"This stuff feels so damn awkward... but anyway... just do your best to hold on to me, alright?"

"Yeah, I got ya." Kyo whispered and shut his eyes.

'I know I can put up a better fight than that... what's wrong with me...?'

"What's wrong with you...? You're a worthless piece of shit, that's what's wrong with you, Kyo..." Kusanagi said from a distance, and afterwards, he let out a twisted laugh that seemed to echo endlessly through the young heir's head.

'We'll battle another time, you sick fuck...'

~end of chapter thirteen~