La Péril (Crossover)

Southtown Trio

"Well, here we are, guys! A nice three bedroom apartment in the heart of Los Angeles!" is what a festive Terry Bogard said, pleasantly eyeing the concrete structure, "Hey, aren't you two awake yet? We're already here, so get out of the truck!"

"Wha...? Already?" was all that a drowsy Rock Howard could only muster, rubbing his head in the process. After a while, he composed himself and nudged his sleeping friend, "Sonia, get up."

"What do you want? We're not there yet. We must be in another stupid traffic jam," is what the dark-skinned brunette, Sonia Sheridan, muttered in her stirring sleep.

"No, we're not," the blond teen said as he opened the passenger door and jumped out, forcing her to fully awaken, "Come on."

"Oh, crap," she simply replied as she followed him out of the parked moving truck and managed to catch up to her companions to stare at the apartment's exterior.

"So, what do you guys think about this place, huh?" Terry asked, only receiving simple shrugs from the adopted siblings in their half-hearted responses.

"As long as we can live in it, I'm happy with that," Rock responded as he turned away to the moving truck, "Besides, shouldn't we get our stuff in before the sun sets or something?"

"But Rock, it's only two in the afternoon..." Sonia said as she checked her watch.

"Eh, I'd just like to finish all this moving crap as soon as possible. I'm sure you weren't the only tired one sitting in that truck for six hours."

"Well, of course. Terry, can I come with you while he's setting up? I don't want to guess which room we're moving our items and boxes into."

"Nah, that's alright. I'll just end up showing you the path anyway. Now why don't you help the ol' rookie move some of the boxes and such until I get back, huh?"

"Sure thing," the spritely brunette replied as she strode her way to her friend, "Hey, what would you like me to move for you?"

"Just move anything that you can pick up. I'll help you with the heavier boxes and other stuff in a moment."

"Okay," Sonia responded as she picked up two light boxes at once, "But... why are we in Los Angeles, anyway? Weren't we a lot more comfortable in Second South?"

"Yes, we were."

"So, why'd we move, then?"

"Sonia... you ask too many questions," Rock muttered as he picked up a slightly heavier box.

"But... I'd like to have them answered at least once in a while," the female meekly mumbled, which promptly caused him to put down his box and stare at her.

"Look, I can't answer you on this... it's something rather personal for me. I don't want to spill it, and I don't want to drag you into it. Now, can't we just finish with these boxes?"

"Fine," Sonia sighed in a rather defeated tone as she continued to assist him.

As the two continued with their task, and were soon assisted by their guardian... a secret message happened to be released...

"Agent Strauss... Your subject has now settled into the Los Angeles area..."