La Péril (Crossover)

Theta Moon

There are three special members of Theta Moon, located somewhere in their native Germany...

Their identies are known as Lisbeth "März" Kirsch, Felicie "Juni" Strauss, and Krista "Juli" Reinhardt.

And their individual missions... seemed to bring disappointment, or rather anger to one Felicie Strauss.


"Now we see, Juli! I'm supposed to keep track of this... Rock Howard kid! A seventeen year old kid! Why's he so important, huh?!" Juni yelled and slammed her personal folder onto the table, causing her partner to sigh in response.

"I'm very sure they have a reason to track him, Juni," Juli said as she picked up her partner's personal folder and began to shuffle through the information, "Hm... uses a motorcycle as a personal method of transport, has blond hair... and red eyes? That sounds a little unusual."

"Yeah, I know."

"Hmph. The kid's the son of Geese Howard, that deceased Southtown crimelord. So, he's gotta be something special right there. You need to read these things a little closer."

"Yeah, but--" Juni began, only to be halted by her partner, who narrowed her eyes in a bit of frustration as she continued to lecture the orange-haired agent.

"I'm just amazed that you've succeeded in all of your orders by just skimming shit."

"Heh, it's a little thing I have."

"Whatever... you're hopeless," the brunette muttered before turing her head to focus on another agent, "Hey, März. How much longer before we're in America, huh?"

"About six hours, Juli," the techie replied without lifting her eyes from her laptop screen.

"That's not fast enough. I don't know if I can take that much time listening to Juni's whining here."

"You know she's always like that."

"I think I have an uncanny urge to drop her from this plane."

"Getting a bit moody, aren't we? Anyway, just block 'er out, Juli. Or watch three movies... or at least tape her mouth shut. Anyway, you may want to listen to this, Juni. Seems that a portion of Theta Moon's been keeping tabs on the kid for quite a while..."

"Really? Why's that?"

"For protection purposes, Juni. Anyway, he's recently left his native Southtown for the Los Angeles area, most likely to investigate something strange or personal... so, your primary order is to watch him. You're supposed to stand by for a possible secondary order, which could be to protect him if he's an assassination target."

After a moment of silence, Juli slowly lifted her head and looked at her tech-savvy companion, "Why the hell would someone want to kill a seventeen year old?"

"Remember when you read that he's Geese's son?" März asked, her eyes still on her laptop screen.


"Turns out that the mobs couldn't get their hands on him, so they want to target the kid to ease their frustration."

"Hmph. Still think that it's kind of pathetic."

"I know, but still... I wouldn't underestimate him, Juli. He may be a kid, but like you said, he's gotta be something special. Oh, and by the way..."

"Yeah?" Juni asked, lazily stretching her arms before she relaxed again.

"You two should combine your tasks... because, from what I'm pulling up, I think that he and Cammy are basically after the same thing."

"Mm. Keeping track of her... just brings back some odd memories," Juli muttered and sighed.

"How so?" Juni queried as she looked at the brunette, who shook her head a bit in response.

"It's nothing... really. I think I'm going to lie down for a bit."

"Alright, whatever floats your boat there," the orange-haired agent said and looked at the techie, "You're still plugging away on this, März?"



"Considering what I'm keeping track of, I have no choice but to keep going. Now, you might as well rest along with Juli. It is a rather long flight. I'll fill you in on every detail and location when you two wake up."

"Sure thing. I'll see you later, huh?"


As the perky agent left, März could only sigh as she continued on her work...

"This isn't going to be easy now. Seems that our lovely destination is a slowly corrupting city..."