A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Eight: Pain and Revenge~

"Master Kyo!"

The Kusanagi heir heard that voice and he traced it to an abandoned warehouse. He then stopped in front of the large doors that were blocking his way.

'What now...' he thought as he stared at the doors, then his eyes trailed to a lock.

"Perfect." he said as he grasped the item in his hands and concentrated his energy into burning it... but ended up with no luck.

"Son of a bitch! It's fireproof... all right, who thinks that they can break this?" he asked as Keiko jumped into the air with her sword outstretched, then she performed a move similar to Athena's Phoenix Arrow.

"Slashing Rollout: Descent Merger!" she cried as Kyo literally jumped away from her and the doors were slashed multiple times before they finally broke.

"Excellent, I'll take over from here. Beni, you can lead Shingo and Tsuki-sama into a good hiding spot, and don't come out until I really need you or Emi calls, got it?"

"Yeah, I got it. Wait until either of you two lovebirds call for the 'Triangle Force'..." he said as the three walked off.

"Emi! Are you here?" the Kusanagi heir called out as he ignited a flame in the palm of his hand and searched through the large warehouse.

"Master Kyo..." she faintly said as he began to trace her voice.

"Keep calling for me..." he called out again as she groaned in pain. That was all that he needed to reach her. He quickly snuffed his flame and stood over her.

"How did you find me?" Emi whispered as tears were streaming down her face, then he kneeled down and kissed her deeply.

"Love, instincts, and an unbreakable bond... those were the only things that I needed to find you with." he answered as he lifted his head, then he broke her chains, successfully freeing her.

"Thank you so much." she whispered as they got up and she hugged him.

"It's nothing... now let's get out of this shithole."

"Ha... you wish." came a voice that came out from nowhere.

"Who's there?" Kyo called out, his voice dripping with slight hate. Then he turned around and noticed another flame burning brightly.

"It's nice to see you again, Kyo..."

"Kusanagi..." he whispered as the clone took a few more steps before he attempted to lash a strong kick. The Kusanagi heir simply blocked it with little effort, then the two began to trade blows.

"Still a plain bitch, I presume..."

"That's what you think... because yours was mine for a while..."

"Don't push your luck, fuck face."

"My luck had no limits when it came to her... and we had a lot of fun, too." Kusanagi said as he slipped behind Kyo and wrapped an arm around his neck, all set to choke him to death.

"You... raped her?!"

"I guess you can say that. I really enjoyed the way that she whimpered and moaned, the way that she called out to me when she came, the way that she made me come... oh, there were a lot of things that I have enjoyed about that little nasty heiress... I just wished that she would give more." the clone said as he tightened his hold, causing the heir to cry out, then the two fell to the cold floor.

"You sick fuck..."

"I'm never going to get tired of that insult. And besides, your little slut girlfriend can't help you now... she doesn't have her Kusanagi gloves. And if she tried to perform her Flame Massacre technique, she would burn you as well as me. So, you're hopeless."

"...I'll kill you, you sick fuck... no style... no form... triangle force..." Kyo whispered as he tried to gasp for air.

"What was that?"

"No style... No form... Triangle Force..."

'Triangle Force... so that's what he's trying to call...' Emi thought as she ran outside.

"No style... No form... Triangle Force!" she cried, and in a few moments, she saw Benimaru, Shingo, and Keiko.

'What kind of call was that, anyway?' she thought again.

"Emi! What's wrong?" Benimaru asked.

"Kusanagi's got Master Kyo... please, you've got to help him."

"Don't worry, I'm here. So you can leave it all to me!" is what her electric friend said as he rushed inside.

"Hey, I thought that it was called 'Triangle Force', not 'I'm the best in the goddamn world'..." Shingo mumbled.

"Yabuki... the boy's full of shit. He always wants to be the best." Keiko said as Emi led them inside and much to their dismay, they saw Benimaru looking around for his best friend.

"Nikaido-san... just come with me." Emi said and sighed.

"Keimi, Eko..." Keiko called as her two birds rested on her shoulders.

"Hey, good idea, sis." Emi said as the younger heiress gave a light smile.

"Alternate Attacker! Keimi! Go!" Keiko cried as Keimi took off and charged at full speed towards Kusanagi's back. The bird had no problems with it's stealth, since it managed to leave a nasty cut on his back, causing him to cry out in pain and curse as he let Kyo go.

"Sweet." the Kusanagi heir said as he caught his breath and got up.

"Hey, I'm not through with you!"

"And neither am I... anyone who messes with the ones that I love gets a taste of the actual Kusanagi blood... and since you did that... I will have the extreme pleasure of ripping off your worthless fucking head!"

"Guess you're not kidding there."

"The hell I'm not!" he screamed as flames began to surround him.

"Oh, this will be exciting..."

"Yes, it will. And since you pissed me off, I will promise to start strong. Let's begin, bitch! Hidden Form 108: Orochi Nagi!" the Kusanagi heir cried as he launched a deadly wave of fire towards his target. Kusanagi smirked and rolled away from the flame.

"Is that all you got?"

"You wish, shit head. Now, eat this!" he cried again as he unleashed a flurry of flaming punches that were simply blocked, but he failed to notice that a wave of flames had swept him off his feet. He fell back and landed on the floor in a painful manner.

"Had enough?" the clone said as he was ready to thrust his heel into his opponent's face.

"I'm not giving up..." Kyo said as he grabbed the clone's foot and struggled to keep it from reaching his face, then he performed a swift arm motion to send him to the floor. After that, the heir pressed his opponent to the floor, having one of his hands firmly grasping the other's neck, then the other hand was pressed to his chest, causing a cry of pain, thanks to that attack from Keiko's bird Keimi, which caused a nasty wound.

"Do you see what happens when you mess with a Kusanagi's love? Do you see it?!" the heir screamed in complete anger as he stared into the clone's blood-red eyes.

"The only thing that I see of your anger is nothing more than a little hissy fit... and I will smash that."

"You stupid fuck!" Kyo cried as his body began to glow with flames of complete anger, but Kusanagi was doing the same thing as well.

"Just give up, you know that you cannot defeat me."

"That's what you think." the heir said as the two fighters concentrated their energy, then they released it, sending them to opposite sides of the warehouse, crashing into old, wooden crates before they painfully hit the floor. After the smoke cleared, the fighters stood... but after a while, one of them fainted... and the reaction was unexpected.

"Master Kyo!" Shingo and Emi cried as they rushed to help their master. Keiko stood by and drew her small sword as Kusanagi walked to her.

"So... did you expect the result of this fight?"

"Sadly, I did. But you will not expect this to happen to you!" she said as she performed repeated slashes that were quickly avoided, then she attempted to stab him as he pressed her to a wall.

"Oh, nice try, little girl... guess you won't need your little knife anymore..." the clone said as he knocked the small sword out of the younger heiress' hands, but she managed to hide a small smile.

"Then I guess that you won't need your life anymore..." she said as Benimaru successfully snuck behind him.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, you'll see that when you get to Hell! Elec-trigger!" he cried as he contentrated his energy, and after that finished, he let the clone fall to the floor.

"Piece of cake." Benimaru said as Keiko got up. Then he walked to Kyo and picked him up.

"Thank you, Nikaido-san." Emi whispered.

"No problem. Now, let's go home." he said as they left the warehouse...

But somebody was watching them...

And that somebody was waiting for another moment to strike...

'Just you wait... you will feel my wrath again...'

~end of chapter eight~