A Story of Destined Love (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter One: Unpeaceful Morning~

"Emi? Emi! Are you up yet?"

The Tsuki heiress opened her eyes slowly, looked around her surroundings, and stared at her sister Keiko.

"Oh my goodness..." she mumbled and was full of regret from the events that had occurred last night.

"Hey ane oneesan (older sister), don't strain yourself."

Thank goodness she was lucky enough to be in the hospital when her life was slipping away... but who was that man anyway?

"Hey, Keiko..."


"Do you know of a man... that can launch crimson flames...?"

That simply startled Keiko... obviously, she must've heard of him...

"Emi... you mean... that the Kyo Kusanagi saved your freaking life?!"

"That was him? Huh. No wonder he looked kinda cute to me..."

Then the door to Emi's room opened, and she looked ahead... it was him. He was giving a lovely bunch of sunflowers to Emi... and Keiko wasn't too happy about that.

"Hey, Kusanagi-baka. I'm suprised that you used your head in something." she said as he scoffed lightly.

"You know, Tsuki-sama... I really don't have the time for you today, so if you would just shut the hell up, I would refrain from burning your ass."

"Well... I guess you two know each other..." Emi mumbled while staring at the two separately. Keiko was Emi's sister... and there were so many people who never believed that those two could be related. It slightly startled Athena, made Benimaru laugh at that fact... and now Kyo couldn't believe it.

"Emi...?" he began.


"This... thing is your sister?"

"Well... yeah."

"Is this some kind of curse?"

Emi simply shrugged, she couldn't give him a straight answer. Then Keiko's big mouth opened for a really bizarre reason... she said that Kyo wasn't supposed to be near her sister...

"And why not?! She almost died last night, and you're suddenly making up these stupid rules like you're some bratty princess?!"

"Maybe, maybe not..."

"If that's the case... I'll knock you off your goddamn throne!"

"Oh, god..." Emi mumbled as the two continued their cursing, and it seemed to frustrate the hell out of her.

"Um...do you guys know that you're disturbing some of the other patients...? These walls are thin, ya know..."

Of course, they barely listened, then stopped mid sentence, with Keiko's slashing fists and Kyo's flaming ones positioned over Emi's bed. The Tsuki heiress shook her head lightly.

"What did you just say, sis?"

"Oh, god... I said that the walls are thin here! I swear, if you both can't get along, then I guess one of you two has got to go."

"Hmph... guess I gotta leave then..." Keiko mumbled and silently exited.

"Good riddance." Kyo mumbled, then he heard the younger heiress yell "I heard that!" in a highly annoying tone of voice.

"So, Emi..." he began.

"Yes, Kusanagi-san?"

"You don't have to be that proper now... you're making me sound old, and I'm only twenty."

"...Okay, Kusanagi-san..."

"Jeez... well, anyway... I heard you try to say something last night, but I couldn't figure out what it was."

"Oh, that... I was trying to tell you about my flames."

"Um... can you repeat that again, Miss Emi?" Kyo asked in a highly confused tone of voice. Obviously, he thought he must've heard something crazy in his ears.

"My flames. I tried to fight with them, but I was at a risk of burning myself in the process."

"You... have flames?"

"Well, yeah. What, you don't believe me?"


"Your blather amuses me, Kusanagi-san. I will prove you wrong, though." Emi said and slowly lifted a hand, letting a tiny blast of fire emit from it. After she extinguished it, she looked at her 'sweet savior' and he was temporarily in shock, then calmed down quickly.

"Oh well... I guess training another student won't be much of a problem..."


"You can't control those flames of yours, and this is where I come in."

"So you mean...?"

The Kusanagi heir could tell that the young heiress was extremely happy. She really wanted to jump out of that hospital bed and hug him... and maybe add a few kisses to that... but because of last night's wounds, she couldn't do a thing. So she simply smiled, and in her mind, she was kicking herself senseless.

"You're going to train me... but what about that other person?"

"Who, Shingo? You'll get along with him."

"You sure about that?"

"Yeah... but he drives me nuts sometimes..."

"Oh, don't let that get to you now. At least he tries, right?"


"That's nice. I get out of here tomorrow, so will you train me then?"

"I... don't think so. That stomach wound of yours is kinda severe..."

"Oh... forgot about that... gomen. (sorry.)"

"It's all right. You do have some potential, and that's good."

"Really?!" she said as her eyes seemed to sparkle a bit.

"Well... yeah. Jeez, Emi... I said that I'd train you, and you sound like you won a crapload of yen or something."

"Heh... well, I've never been this excited in my life, so maybe this is like winning a lot of money."

"Huh... you've got a bit of humor (and beauty) there..."

"Thank you. I'm not that much of a funny girl, just one of those smart ones who's always forced to look in the books and wants to check out the latest game that's playing at the arcades."

"Really? You sound pretty interesting, though. Guess I should hang around you more often."

"And so you shall... but then there's Keiko... she'll make a big stink about this."

"Ah, forget about her. That little brat needs to mind her own damn business anyway."

"I really didn't know that you were that harsh towards her."

"I apologize... but that's just the way it is."


"Well, I guess I should be leaving now, since I have some things to do... but I'll see you around, okay?"

"All right." she said as he smiled and left. After a while, Emi looked at the bunch of sunflowers and noticed something that really stood out. She picked them up and pulled something out of it.

'A slip of paper? Huh...'

She slowly opened it up and smiled a bit.

'A slip of paper... that holds Master Kyo's address... that's so nice of him. And I swear I will make him proud with my flames of the Kusanagi...'

~end of chapter one~