The Final Struggle (For King of Fighters)

~Chapter Sixteen: Surprise at Sunset~

"All right, Miss Emi... are you ready for another endurance test?"

"Hai, Kyo-kun." the young heiress called ahead, preparing for her master's flaming assault.

"Okay. This time, I want you to dodge my flames, but don't counter them unless you really need to do that. And Miyuki, you can go for a session after she's done, if that's okay with you."

"Sure thing." the sporty girl replied and resumed her stretches.

"Now, get ready!" the heir cried and launched three waves of flames at his pupil. The young heiress smirked and simply rolled out of the way, but she failed to notice that another wave was sailing towards her.

"I know you can do better than that! Even Shingo didn't have any problems with this test!" Kyo cried out as he launched a few more waves at Emi.

"But that's... because... he's been your pupil... longer than I have... been yours..." she called out as she started to jump over the waves. The Kusanagi heir smiled as soon as he noticed her improving performance.

"Good job. Now, see if you can reach me. I feel like doing a bit of hand to hand combat with you!"

"Hai, Kyo-kun!" Emi called out as she dashed towards him, being cautious of every flaming wave that sailed towards her.

"Master Kyo! Please don't go easy on me!" the young heiress said as she launched a Yami Barai at him.

"Who said that I was going to do that?" Kyo said as he jumped over the wave and kicked his pupil in the chest, sending her down to the ground.

"Miss Emi... the tournament begins in three months. I know you can do better than that. Now give me your best shot!" he continued as she slowly got up, then her fists began to glow with flames.

"I'll do my best." the Tsuki heiress silently whispered as she dashed towards him again, being cautious of any defense tactics that he might pull off. And while the two began to trade blows, Miyuki quietly entered the house to go to the kitchen. While she was there, she opened the refrigerator and began to bring out three bottles of water.

But something stopped her from doing that...

She noticed someone rushing to the backyard, but it wasn't anyone that she knew, so she rushed outside, trying her hardest to reach the training couple.

"Kyo-chan! Emi-chan! I think I saw another--" she screamed, but then froze when her fear was confirmed.

"Yes, I believe you're right, Miyuki. You did see us..."

"...What...?" is what the sporty girl whispered as she began to back away, but then she felt a hand cover her mouth, then a free arm was used to snake around her neck.

"Hello, Miyuki. You may call me Kyo 1.5." the clone whispered into her ear as he let her speak, but she used that chance to scream instead.

"Kyo-chan! Emi--" Miyuki cried out, but was immediately silenced with a harsh punch to the stomach. She then coughed a small amount of blood and glared into the eyes of the clone who had just performed that action.

"I'm so sorry that I had to do that... but you had left me with no other choice. Now let me introduce myself. You may call me Kyo 2."

"You're not the girl that murdered Kyo 1..." Kyo 1.5 said as he gave a closer look at Miyuki. The sporty girl simply closed her eyes and quietly laughed.

"What's so funny?" Kyo 2 lightly growled, then he froze when he heard a very familiar cry followed by a new one...

"Kurai... YAGARE!!"

"Koredemo... KURAYE!!"

"Shit!" the clones cried out as they dodged the twin Orochi Nagi assault, with Kyo 1.5 letting go of Miyuki. The sporty girl jumped over the flames and landed on a nearby car. Unfortunately, she cracked the windshield in the process.

"Damn it! There goes my custom soccer ball!" she growled as she jumped off.

"I'll deal with it, Miyuki." Kyo said, then he directed his attention to the clones.

"Kyo 1 and Kyo 2... I thought that you guys were neutralized along with the rest of the clones."

"Kyo 1 is dead. Some bastard girl murdered him at the Nakamura warehouse." Kyo 2 spat.

"Then who are you?" Emi quietly asked.

"I'm called Kyo 1.5. After what you guys have done to our fallen friend, you will receive no mercy from us. And this includes you and your master, little girl." the clone said and glared into the young girl's eyes.

"This goes over our dead bodies." Miyuki snarled as she gave a menacing glare at the clones.

"I don't think you'll pose any threat to us. Just stay out of our way and maybe we won't have to snap your neck." Kyo 2 said and laughed at the sporty girl.

"Maybe we'll see about that!" she cried out and tried to rush towards him, but Kyo simply grabbed her arm, causing her to stop.

"You're not ready to face them yet." the Kusanagi heir said as she began to struggle against his grasp.

"That's right, you tell that little wench, Kyo." Kyo 1.5 said and smirked.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did snap your neck right here and now." the young heir quietly replied.

"And you wouldn't be surprised to know that we're nowhere near scared." Kyo 2 said as he and his teammate laughed, causing Miyuki to growl at them.

"I guess it's getting late anyway, so we must head out for now. Oh, and I would suggest being on your guard, Kyo. Master Kusanagi has so many things that he would like to share with you in the near future. So long!" Kyo 1.5 said as the two quickly left... much to Miyuki's dismay.

"Come back, you bastards!" the sporty girl cried out.

"Just forget about them right now." Kyo quietly said as he let Miyuki's arm go, then he placed a hand on his forehead.

"Are you okay, Master Kyo?" Emi asked in a state of concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine, sweetie. It's just a small headache." the heir said as he entered the house, the heiress was following him along with her best friend.

"Are you going to spend the night with us, Miyuki?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Okay. I'll get Master Kyo to order out while I'll help you set up the bed."

"Cool." the sporty girl said as she followed her inside...

And that same person was watching them, signaling for the right moment to strike again...

'Master Kusanagi... it's time to control poor Kyo's mind again tonight...'

~end of chapter sixteen~