Pain (For King of Fighters)

Bloody, beaten, and bruised...
I lay there on the cold ground...
Just staring into the night sky.
What just happened to me back there?
Chikusho, I thought that it was him.
And I was completely lead astray.
It took me a split second to realize that it wasn't him.
He wasn't my friend, my master, my lover...


Who was this man, and what did he want?
Did he want something from me?
Does he want to kill me?
I can't accept that fate!
And I won't accept it!
I try to get back on my feet...
But I was blinded by something...
And that... was pain.

Serious, serious pain.

But oh no, I can't die here, not now.
I have to be strong...
For my love.
Just you wait, Master Kyo...
I'll overcome my pain.
And one day, I'll be as strong as you.