La Péril (Crossover)

Cammy and the 4th Precinct

"Well, Miss White... seems that your superiors over in England gave you orders to align with us. Why is that?" a woman by the name of Elizabeth Rayne asked, as she placed a file onto her desk.

"It is because of a follow-up to a previous mission that I have completed in my homeland. You see..." the infamous Cammy White began as she removed her trademark red beret, placed it on her thighs, and used the palms of her hands to cover the head garment, "My team has been following an odd organization known as the Syndicate lately. It seems that they have originated in this country... or rather, this city, and they have managed to find a way to spread into some parts of the world."

"And there was a branch of this Syndicate in England?"

"Surprisingly, yes. It has been terminated not too long ago."

"I see. Well, you have nothing to worry about, Miss White. We've been rather prepared and have been following their actions for quite a while lately. Over here, they're rather known for drug trafficking and corrupting officials, you know, the government workers, police, and so forth... and it seems that we've found a branch known as the Alliance. I'd like you to take a look at this file here," Elizabeth calmly said as she tossed a folder to the pigtailed blonde, which she calmly opened without hesitation.

"Alright, who are these three? Seems that one's older than the other two... are they twins?"

"Indeed they are, Miss White. They are known as Kagami and Mayumi. The two are led by this woman only known as Miss R."

"Miss R...?"

"It's the only identity that we have of her at the moment. We've had no luck in tracing her real name so far."

"Shit... they do intend to keep their identities hidden. That branch in England showed their guts to reveal theirs, the bloody fools."

"Well, that's on them, you know. But this is an entirely different story..." a blond man responded, and calmly smirked his way to Cammy, "Sorry for the interruption, but I couldn't help but overhear your little conversation."

"Why is that? And who are you anyway?"

"Hmph... seems that our Sergeant Axel Stone needs to make a friendlier introduction. Don't you agree, Miss White?" Elizabeth asked as she smiled a little.

"I guess so, yes. Um... I guess I'll be working with him as well, right?" Cammy simply mumbled as she pointed at him.

"You know it's rude to point, Miss White," Axel replied, but then noticed that the next received finger turned out to be the blonde woman's middle one, "The hell?"

"No, it's rude to give you this finger. Anyway, I'm working with this guy, right?"

"Indeed, you will. Your other colleagues are Lieutenant Lisa Moreno, Detective Amy Hunter, and a brother and sister duo, Officers Jason and Jessa Whitney."

"Sounds good," the Delta Red agent yawned lightly as she lifted herself from her seat and placed her beret on her head, "I know it's rather late... I just stopped by here once I left the airport."

"There was no real rush to get here, you know. We weren't expecting you until tomorrow morning," Elizabeth sternly responded, keeping eye contact.

"True... but I really had to get as much information as possible before I crashed for the night. Besides, the sooner it comes in, the sooner we can begin... and finish."

"Ah, well played. So, I believe that we'll see you in the morning?"

"At 0900 hours? Of course you will. Good night, ma'am," Cammy said and left the precinct, smirking at Axel in the process.

"She's quite the firecracker, huh?" the blond male asked as he ran a hand through his hair.

"You knew it wouldn't kill to have someone like her, right? Unfortunately, I do think she's a bit... unprofessional. But that's basically the least of our problems," Elizabeth calmly mumbled and refocused on her work.

Outside the precinct, Cammy simply sighed as she flagged down a taxi, set to transport her to her temporary residence, but at the same time, a message was set to be released...

"Agent Reinhardt... Your subject is now in the Los Angeles area..."