A Death Egg Zone Story: Losing You (For King of Fighters)

~Osaka, Japan - 1:45 A.M.~

Heavy rain, thunder, and lightning...

They created a bad mixture in this scenario.

For two bodies lay there in an unknown street...

And the rain washed their blood down that one street.

Those two bodies... were Kusanagi Kyo's and Tsuki Emi's.

However, Emi slowly regained consciousness and began to crawl towards Kyo's limp body. It took a while, but when she reached him, she collapsed on top of him and cupped his face in her hands.

"Master Kyo..." she whispered, staring into his closed eyes, then they slowly opened.


"You're going to pull through..."

"Hopefully... are you okay?"

"Yeah... don't give up now."

"I won't..." he whispered, then a strong surge of pain swept through his body, causing him to cry out.

"Master Kyo!" she cried as he panted and held her face.

"The pain... is too intense... I don't think... that I can... make it..."

"No... don't say that nonsense!"


"You can do it... just stay with me, please."

"I'll try..."

"Come on, you can do it... you can pull through." she said as he groaned, shut his eyes and said:

"I can't... and I'm sorry."

"Don't say that!"

"Listen to me... I will always love you, Emi..."

"And I... I will... always love you too..."

Then the two shared their last kiss, and all was silent for a while...

And during that moment, he lost his grip and she heard his last breath.

"Master... Kyo..." she whispered as tears stung her eyes, then they streamed down her face, mixing in with the rain and blood.

And that was also washed down that sad street...

The blood and slow death of Kusanagi Kyo...

And the blood and tears of pain and anger from Tsuki Emi.

She will never forget the events that happened here...

Right here... in this street that nobody knew.

"Don't you worry, Master Kyo..." she whispered, now standing over the one man who was not only her master, but a friend and her lover.

"Kusanagi will pay for this... and I will give him the death that he deserves."