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Hey, people! This is Sony Love, former Fanfiction.Net and Freedom of Speech fanfiction writer (the latter's now defunct).

Over here, I just have a small site that just hosts fanfics and MSTs. Nothing special.

Well, my work is not the best in the world, but yeah, I do what I can and try my best in it. Anyway, to go around this place, simply click on one of the various links above the "Recent News" to go to a different part of the site. Simple, eh?

Also, most of the fics and "special features" will take time to sprout, due to a little thing called 'life'... and another thing called 'inspration'. And 'procrastination'. Bleh. But, I suggest you keep checking up.

Now, you can get comfy with this really simple site that even a frickin' monkey could set up.


*This site launched on September 5, 2004 on Geocities, and relocated here on cwcyrix.duckdns.org on July 30, 2009.*

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Mystery Science Theater En Masse
(Making you question your sanity since 2011!)
Sissy Analyzes Random Things
(Sissy analyzes crap.)
Crappy Fanfiction
(Pre-MST 'EM)
Hopefully Less Crappy Fanfiction
(Post-MST 'EM)
Fanfiction Histories & Mysteries
(With MST 'EM's Miyu Prower)

Recent News, Recent News!

February 15, 2023: I've finally done it. Life really did get me. December's ramblings are here. Finally. I am never doing this ever again.

January 12, 2023: Oh, we're falling behind a bit. Life got me. We do have October and November's ramblings. December's is coming soon. Hang tight!

October 2, 2022: Oh, for the love of--whatever, here's September's ramblings.

September 15, 2022: I talk about matches in July and August. Sorry for the delay, a gal was busy here.

June 30, 2022: June. I talk about matches in June. I've also added something to the "We got a real problem here." portion for May. It's short, but nowhere near sweet.

June 1, 2022: Saddle up. May's here. One day... he'll ride again. Who might I be referring to? Well, head on over to the analysis page. I've also done a short analysis on the first four AEW title reigns if you care to look at a brief summary on them.

May 1, 2022: April? Also packed. Riffing on fanfics don't pay the bills, so I got a full time job, which is thankfully going to be an at-home job. I'll try my best to keep up with 2022. Have more of me yammering about wrestlin'. Once I get my inspiration back and settle into a proper routine, perhaps the rewrite and MST 'EM will resume. Please stay tuned for that!

March 31, 2022: I talked too much. March was a packed month. The second part of me yammerin' about wrasslin' is up.


And here's the old disclaimer:
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