Oh, this is self explanatory. They're obviously links that I've collected around my visits to the cesspool and time waster that is the internet.

Fanfiction sites (that are not two certain ones loathed by me):
Fan Fiction Now - Another non-anal fanfiction site. It's pretty small, though.
nFiction - Hmm... it looks an awful lot like FanFiction... ah well.

Sites by others (namely Tripod, Freewebs, and other sites like that):
CW Cyrix's Miscellaneous Page - Heh, my sis couldn't think of a really good name... it's pretty small, but there are some goodies floating around there. Also, do I really need to link this, considering that the haven's moved from Geocities to this site? Do I? Anyway... if you'd like, you can check out the massive list of Sonic Special Stages/Blue Sphere codes. Because we have no lives whatsoever.
Mew Mew Paradise - I decided to exchange homepages with a friend of mine at one point, and... whoa. It's a Tokyo Mew Mew site, and if you're a fan or just browsing around the net, check it out sometime.

Other sites on the net:
Audio Atrocities - The home for terribly done voice acting in videogames. Check it out if you enjoy having your ears bleed.
Cake Wrecks - Maybe the cake does taste good. The icing, on the other hand... may massively fail. Palate cleansers come every Sunday in the form of "Sunday Sweets".
Cracked - Unlike a certain site that's set to lose their snark soon, I surely hope that Cracked keeps going with theirs. Have fun with their crazy articles!
Engrish - I like to go to this site to get a good laugh every now and then.
Galactica Phantom - A King of Fighters Resource Center. Take a look around when you get the chance.
Game Show Garbage - I, Sony Love, am a game show nerd. This site has banter on the history of some familiar game shows... and others that you may have never known that existed.
Kikouken - This one centers around Chun-Li... though, the site's name should've been a hint for any Street Fighter fan. (Unfortunately, the webmaster has stopped updating the site, but it's still worth a look-see.)
Newgrounds - A cool place to go to for flash vids and parodies ranging from your favorite games... to even Windows. Check it out sometime.
Not Always Right - As the title says, it's full of funny and stupid customer quotes. Why not have a look-see, eh?
Mystery Science Theater 6.7 - Megane 6.7 is well known in MSTing circles. Of course, I now hold him in high regard, too. Why not join Joel Robinson, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo as they riff on badfic?
Overclocked Remix - Obviously, a well known spot for game remixes.
Seanbaby - A site filled with rather insane ranting. Also, it's rather lovely for NES lovers, indeed. (Intended for those who are 18 or over.)
Sega Xtreme - A pretty decent site for Sega fans.
Shadow of a Hedgehog - A good Sonic site that features... well... a lot of Sonic stuff!
Sonic CulT - Yes, this is another Sonic site, but it is adult-oriented. (Intended for those who are 18 or over.)
Sony Love's Fanfiction Haven (Backup) - Use this site in case the original haven falls flat! I will try my best to update both the original and the backup lovingly.
Streets of Rage Online - A site that centers around one of my favorite game series, which I've known since I was a little five year old brat. Not only will you find the history of the three games, there's even parts which center around fangames and published novels.
Superdickery - This site proves that even superheroes can be pricks. After all... they are being arsed to save us weaklings.
SydLexia - It's what the title says... "A Descent Into Pop Culture Madness". I like to crash here whenever I'm bored and I tend to re-read some of my favorite articles.
The Senshi no Eisei - Run by a man known as "Tuxedo Jack", this features really, really squicky fanfiction. Enter at your own risk.
The Video Game Music Archive - Obviously, it's one of the most popular spots for game music in MIDI form... yes, MIDI's are outdated, but who cares, really?
The Video Game Museum - This site is filled with so many things, from gamepics to endings. Too bad it's not really updated much anymore.
Whip Ass Gaming - A nice site with tasty goodies floating around for the good old Genesis lovers.
Zany Video Game Quotes (ZVGQ) - What kind of silly speak is in your favorite games?

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