Fanfiction Histories and Mysteries

Hello, and welcome to the Histories and Mysteries section, the place where the hidden projects of Sony Love reside. I'm your hostess, Miyu Prower. Today... Tonight... whatever... we'll go through the writing projects that were either prepared or written up but were either abandoned, revised, or (for the most part) never revealed. Since S.L. has a ton of history behind her pens, papers, and laptops, we figured that it'd be best to go into detail in a printable series. Here's the list (which may or may not be done in numerical order):

Mystery 1: The History of La Péril (The Danger)
Also: Misti develops from being a Mary Sue to being a backseat bruiser.

Mystery 2: The Ryu/Jessica stories
Inside: The history and developments of Jessie herself, and this head-scratcher of a relationship.

Mystery 3: Street Fighter Alpha +
Inside: The story of Street Fighter Alpha +, where the titular characters have offspring. One crappy alternate universe arc. Eliza who?

Mystery 4: The Robot City Saga
Inside: A crappy crossover! And a lot of everybody! Do we really need at least three multiples of Ryu, Ken, Chun, and Cammy?

Mystery 5: School Fighter
Also: Why the heck was Jessie a semi Mary Sue?

Mystery 6: The Esaka Destiny "Saga" - There's a lot of info, so it's split into two parts.
Part One  Part Two
Inside: What would've happened in the discontinued Final Struggle, and deleted scenes from said story.

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