This whole website is currently under construction, but you can look around to see what's up.

Welcome to my somewhat miscellaneous website! It may seem small now, but I try not to stall so we can get our things together...

The following computers will be used for the website:

Mom's Inspiron 8100 - Now the Linux Server for This Site! (Realdeal, The 3rd PC, AmiSaph)
The 12th PC (an HP tablet screen computer with Windows Vista Home Premium)

The others are as follows:

The Acer Aspire (The 1st PC)
The Cyrix Computer (Pentium, Energy Star PC, The 2nd PC)
Mom's Dimension 8200 (The 4th PC, Replacement Gaming Computer)
The 5th PC (Storage Computer)
The Inspiron 1100 (Gaming Computer 2, The 6th PC)
The 7th PC (Simple Gaming Computer)
Optiplex GX1 (The 8th PC)
Mom's 3rd PC (Enteredinside, The 9th PC)
The 10th PC (Web Publishing/Writing/Gaming PC)
Sony Love's Computer (The 11th PC)
The 13th PC

Now we have a total of 13 Windows and Linux Computers (1 Vista Home Premium, 2 XP Pro, 5 XP Home, 1 XP Tablet 2005, 4 Win98, 1 SUSE 10.2 KDE3).

Okay, enough of this info about the eleven computers!


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Obviously, I wouldn't overwrite the original!

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My SSF2 Pictures Section (January 2-3, 2003)

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