CW Cyrix's 'The Forces of R City' Section (2009-2060)

Disclaimer: This section has Sonic characters in my fanfiction stories, which are Sonic (of course), Tails, Knuckles (my favorite), and Amy Rose. It also has the four main characters (not in there yet) of Tiny Toons. You know if you have watched Tiny Toon Adventures or have owned or played their games. If you haven't, they are Buster, Babs, Hamton, and Plucky. There are also Pokémon in my stories. Those characters mentioned and others (except my fan characters) belong to their original companies and creators.

I'm having a VERY hard time doing this, so wait about 3 months for AT LEAST a few stories to appear on the site.

This is what I currently have (it WILL be updated!)...

The Forces of R City Stories
The Forces of R City Storyline
The Forces of R City Facts
The Forces of R City Cast of Characters
Character Information (unfinished)
Some Artwork (if possible)