The SSF2 Dialogue Pictures!

This is the collection of the Super Street Fighter 2 Genesis Pictures that were pulled up from the Cyrix Computer! There are only 18 original pictures, and I have finally decided to put them up on the site as of March 6, 2004!

The order of the pictures go from left to right. There is also a date on the bottom right corner on them. I didn't bother to type the date on the lower-right corner of the pictures because I thought that they wouldn't come out right.

Sagat and Thunder Hawk in Ryu Stage Ken and Fei Long in Dee Jay Stage Chun Li and Dee Jay in Ryu Stage
Bison and T. Hawk in Zangief Stage Dee Jay and Chun Li in Zangief Stage Guile and Chun Li in Fei Long Stage
Fei Long and Ken in Blanka Stage Cammy and Bison in Zangief Stage Chun Li and Dhalsim in Fei Long Stage
Cammy and Ken in Dhalsim Stage - 1 Cammy and Ken in Dhalsim Stage - 2 Ryu and Guile in Sagat Stage
Cammy and Guile in Balrog Stage Ken and Cammy in Guile Stage Ryu and Cammy in Chun Li Stage
Cammy and Balrog in Cammy Stage Ryu and Cammy in Ryu Stage Balrog and Fei Long in Dee Jay Stage

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