Amy and Cream's Links Page


Okay... you have found your way to our links page! We only know a few of them, so this page will be a little small...

The following links are of fanfiction, that's why... so here they are! Click on the banners to be redirected to the desired site.

Freedom of Speech Fan Fiction


One of the coolest sites ever to submit your fanfiction! Even the support is nicer than, which is very rare! Although it is not very popular, it is a LOT better than! The site was recently upgraded, which is a little rare for them to do, and unlike's "upgrades", it is not very buggy! That's very cool! I highly recommend them, because they don't have very strict limitations there! I have an account there, so search for "CW Cyrix".


WTF were they on? Too many moderators on the site and they seem to be friends of the new owner. The site seems to have fallen apart in the last year.


The saying above... disregard that. Once was the most popular site to submit your fanfics (meaning it was GOOD), but now... it has just become STUPID. Now even more amateurs post their fan stories there, and some of the older members stick around, but I think that they will leave the site. The site "upgrades" a little too often, and the limitations are very strict. Some examples are: no asterisks (*) in your summaries, no script format, no MSTs (at all), and no CYOAs. It's just stupid. But if you want to go there... That is why it's here. If only Soupfiction still existed...


The site seems to be a bit unstable. Also, the forum features changed dramatically. And hilarity within Flame Rising's forum is classic. I should share a link sometime.

I can't believe that I have signed up, let alone mentioned this site. This one does get updated, but this site archives some of the worst fanfics, now next to! It's not their fault, it's the authors over there! I only went there to read one bad fanfic there... That's why it's here.

God Awful Fan Fiction

A site that archives bad fanfiction, and I have found some whose links were broken, and are saved on my hard drive, but I can't post them (yet) due to author/ess 'copyright' issues. Bad punctuation, bad plot, overly exaggerated events, Mary Sues, and... just plain bad poetry is why I am glad of the way that I write. And that Shakespeare fanfic, you have to be a Fandomination member in order to view the whole story (unless the site goes down), but I don't think you would want to.

The Senshi no Eisei

A site that I just heard of mainly based on Sailor Moon. It archives other things as well as bad fanfiction. Nothing more that I know of...

Amy: There will be more when we can find some good ones... and bad ones...
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