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Ten years of being online since May 22, 2003, having this website working on IPv6 is an accomplishment! - Ami Sapphire, 2013/12/27
NOTE: The website addresses are likely temporary and may change on May 2014. If so, the original m3ta will be IPv4 facing, and the IPv6 facing address will be ipv6-cwcyrix.nsupdate.info. [IPv4 support on the Internet will not die for a while...]
Network is in broken state. FTP server is online now (too lazy to fix it) [UPDATE: fixed], and IPv6 does not work. Main site works, however.
UPDATE 2014/07/29: the m3ta domain long died, but there will likely be IPv6 support again since the new modem supports it and finally got it working again after replacing a network cable... The IPv6 address above will update to another subdomain after IPv6 is confirmed to work on that address.

UPDATE 2 2014/07/29: Addresses changed. Forgot about nsupdate.info. If duckdns supported AAAA records, I would use them for IPv6. FTP server/Bitcoin node box uses a different IPv6 address, 2ipv6-cwcyrix.nsupdate.info.
UPDATE 2015/09/07: Bitcoin node was down since January 2015 and am not exactly enthused about bringing it back up. o.o Main site is mostly static aside from a few things in the backend. I am going to release some video game music rips, but will be on the RPi2 test server for now.

Comcast Speedtest Results in Detroit, MI (Original test)
The service is 25/5. Date is 2014/02/14 at 0331 hours. Actually stable! Unlike in 2009 (pre-DOCSIS 3.0 era).

Comcast Speedtest Results in Detroit, MI (Troubleshooting)
Another page of speedtest results. Date is 2014/03/24. Had connection lag on my laptop, yet the server was perfectly fine...?

Comcast Speedtest Results in Detroit, MI (New Modem Test)
Yet another page of speedtest results. Date is 2014/07/29. This result was after testing the Zoom 5341J modem, which replaced the Technicolor TC8305C gateway. Speed increased slightly, but on another test, the ping lowered by 10... Also IPv6 returns!

Comcast Speedtest Results in Detroit, MI (Outside Line Replacement Test)
Yet another page of speedtest results. Date is 2015/09/24. This result was after getting the tech, who replaced the old line from 2006 (when we had their cable service) with a new one. Notice: it took the IPv6 address for testing. Either they never had IPv6 at the time of the last 2014 test or my server never had it set up properly in the first place...

~Comcast Speedtest Results in Detroit, MI (Upgrade to Blast!)~
Yet another page of speedtest results. Date is 2016/10/13. This result was after the upgrade to Blast (75/10 overprovisioned to 90/12) from 'grandfathered' Performance (25/5 overprovosioned to 30/6). There was a newer Zoom 5345 modem that didn't take the Blast config for some reason, so the old Zoom 5341J modem is installed again.

To Coinotron FRC Pool Hoppers!
This section taken from Joe's Pool chat during the aftermath of pool (or chain) hoppers/hash and dashers mining FRC in low diff and leaving when the diff soars. This is the unfortunate result of following "profitability" sites such as coinchoose and coinwarz.

Freicoin: What Happens If You Put Massive Hashrate On a Small Network! (Multipool Edition!)
The sequel to Coinotron FRC Pool Hoppers! Data taken from Joe's Pool chat and website during the massive hashrate and the aftermath of pool (or chain) hoppers/hash and dashers mining FRC in low diff and leaving when the diff soars. An extremely great reason that "profitability mining" is damaging to small altcoin networks, especially Freicoin. UNFINISHED.

CCoin Wallet for Windows
Until they fix their site, this link will exist...
Build attempts of ccoin for windows wallet
Using Joe's updated code. Built with mingw-20120426, gcc/g++ 4.6, Qt 4.8.5, boost 1.50.0, miniupnpc 1.6, and openssl 1.0.1c. RPC is still broken.
[Trying new setup: gcc/g++ 4.4, Qt 4.7.4, boost 1.47.0, miniupnpc 1.6, openssl 1.0.1c]

cgminer 3.7.2 Binary for Windows
It has been purged from the main server, so this one will remain indefinitely. I seem to recall a few forks of this version, however...

Random Avatars Found All Over the Internet (Since 2005)

FTP Server (Direct Browser Access) - FTP Server Info Page
FTP Server (Alternate, Direct Browser Access), FTP Server (IPv6 Only, Direct Browser Access)

Gaia Threads that Fail
Actually links to an index page! Unfortunately, it is unfinished. - CW Cyrix (Ami Sapphire), 2011/01/09

My Practice PHP Files NIXED
Some don't work because those require register_globals to be enabled. :/

Archived Gaia Online Forum Index with the Previous Nav Bar
...For the lulz!

Had an FTP site set up a while ago; just wait until I post the rules of use. - Spring 2009.
Down at the moment. - Spring 2009.
Back up. Server is unstable, as I have installed a dual monitor setup with a 15-year-old card which freezes the system every few days, though. - June 2009.
Okay. It is really up. I was just too lazy to update this section. I actually got a good video card for the server, and it has been very stable since then. That was in 2010. - January 2011
There. The FTP server is finally set up. - January 2012
Taken offline due to WinXP End of Support on April 8. FTP server was running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3. It is also this machine. - April 10, 2014
Back online. - April 25, 2014

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