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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Updated: Sunday, October 13, 2013

As of Tuesday, November 26, 2013: This page is now static'd for historical purposes only. This is before the Freicoin network grew to over 1TH avg. This is also before coinotron changed the usernames to be anonymous (lol). Still fun to read over and laugh at, though.

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/09/25

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

11:46 Marsupial: my last reward is still unconfirmed at vircurex. lol.
11:47 ubaldo: same 4/10 ;(
11:48 ubaldo: takes way too long to confirm i think
11:50 Marsupial: normally is faster. But when the network is running slow, it's longer.
11:51 Marsupial: we haven't found a block in 10 hrs, and we're 66% of the current hashpower. think about it. That's a rare instance. And a proof that chain hopping isn't doing any good to alt coins.
13:43 Joe (mobile): oh and also re super long *** blocks: chainhoppers are a$$holes and start to take over the network, and then coinotron does, and as soon as diff rises a slight bit they leave
13:44 Joe (mobile): leaving us to pick up the entire network
13:44 Joe (mobile): either way, my freicoin wallet is happy :D

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/09/27

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

16:46 dome22xl: i have seen some big hashers earlier on here just after coinotron started to drop down to 939g/hs then they exited a while later
16:46 Joe: dunno. profitibility seeker probably
16:46 dome22xl: also that 600g of miner has left coinotron now
16:47 Joe: nah, they are just on a different coin :P
16:47 dome22xl: yeah the diff as low as 29800 or so earlier
16:47 test: i will not repeat myself in saying that coinchoose is wrong and that they loose anytime they mine another sha256 coin...
16:47 Joe: 37.9k share :( so close :P
16:47 test: lol
16:48 AmiSapphire: xD
16:48 Joe: i agree Mars. people are idiots to take everything they see on the internet as the truth
16:50 test: another of coinchoose flaw is coins like flo that mainly trade in ltc... they show poorly on coinchoose btc page thx to coine and no trade volume but in reality are lots more profitable...!
16:50 Lewis: Sorry was away geting some pepsi and an apple
16:51 test: now if we could pump frc back to its pre dumper level, it would be gold
16:51 Lewis: and yeh i dont seen why peole move all the time.. if you move to the most profitable then you move with all the other " F*gs" and then the diff goes sky high and you make so little coins.. then you do this over and over
16:53 Joe: well the stupid thing is that confirm times go up and so it takes FFE to get your coins to anyexchange

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/09/30

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

18:44 ubaldo: man these transfers are taking way too long
18:44 ubaldo: crypto currency is supposed to bve faster than real cash :(
18:58 Marsupial: transfers are slow when the network difficulty is high. That's meant to have the hoppers and dumpers wait for their coins. mouhahaha

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/02

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

21:27 Joe: oh my god yes! coinotron is almost 1 th.s im so excited way to go... way to 99% the network X(
21:28 Khonsu: **** YOU COINOTRON
21:28 Khonsu: D:
21:29 Marsupial: To All Coinotroners: come here hash with us and get more out of each blocks found!

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/06

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

12:26 Jorge: the hoppers is the plague of the mining community
12:27 Jorge: are*
12:29 ubaldo: :(
12:52 Jorge: i mean, look at this, 1100 Gh/s at coinotron
12:52 Jorge: idiots I say
12:52 Jorge: they really don't get that it isn't profitable
13:00 Marsupial: hello new guys. You know, when coinchoose says FRC is less profitable than BTC, they are wrong. Stay here after the humping Dumping and compare.

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/08

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

10:48 Marsupial: coinwarz is wrong on many coins. it is a good reference, but beside BTC its generally off one way or another.
10:48 Marsupial: coinchoose has similar maths
10:50 Jorge: i don't think there's anything wrong with their maths
10:51 Jorge: it's just that they don't count the effect the dumping has on the exchange rate
10:51 tsop: coinwarz has mistakes for sure
10:51 tsop: cause i was just testing it
11:00 Marsupial: Jorge, I think their maths works for BTC because it is "slow" but their expectations can't work on coins that change diff daily as opposed to every 14 days
11:00 Marsupial: For any maths to "work" they would need a mecanism that understands the logic behind retargeting for the coins.
11:01 Marsupial: I think its also why most coin hoppers are dumpers. they are in the thinking that "it is currently profitable at this difficulty and this rate so I need to dump"
12:02 ♥zhezhe: Guys
12:02 ♥zhezhe: 2th on frc?!
12:04 Molly: 2 terahash !! fook me
12:05 Jorge: yeah even with the new filter, we'll be seeing 4 hour blocks soon
12:05 Jorge: just watch the difficulty creep up to 150k
12:06 Jorge: hoppers leave, and we're on our own
12:06 Jorge: with 4 hour blocks
12:06 AmiSapphire: 2TH/s again!
12:06 Jorge: I just want to say F*CK OFF to all hoppers
12:06 Jorge: F*CK OFF, chain hoppers
12:06 Jorge: your worthless
13:06 popi: sorry to say: hoppers=amateurs
13:07 Marsupial: :yeahthat:
13:08 popi: in longterm, doesnt works well, so better choos a coin where you stay at least 2-4 weeks

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/09

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

19:13 Marsupial: the FRC nwtwork is SOOO SLOOOW
19:14 Jorge: you have the hoppers to thank for that
19:14 AmiSapphire: For some reason, I'm reminded of that Finally Fast commercial.
19:15 ƒ Lewis ƒ: Damm dem Hoppers!
21:43 AmiSapphire: Finally, a block! Thanks, Hasher!
21:43 AmiSapphire: But the diff keeps going up...
21:59 dome22xl: 145K what happened to 37K however coinotron is only at 120Gh/s
21:59 AmiSapphire: That last 2TH/s zerg rush on Coinotron did it in. >.>
21:59 dome22xl: hmm

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/10

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

15:34 iLikeCoins: what the hell diff was at 40k befor when started now 140k wth
15:35 ubaldo: with compliments from coinotron i guess :\
15:40 iLikeCoins: coinotron gone wayyyyyyy down hill latley not the best of pools anymore and their support is 2nd to crap too
19:07 Marsupial ⓕ: what happenned to the diff? It is stuck at 140k.
19:12 ubaldo: didn't get enough blocks i guess
19:15 Marsupial ⓕ: it dropped from 146k to 144k to 145k to 144k to 140k. Seems like the avg should pump lower than what we see now. Those 2.2th really did some damage.
19:17 ubaldo: :(

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/12

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

23:39 Lewis (laptop): i dont see the point is hopping all the time
23:39 Marsupial: they think they are getting a few % more out of it.
23:40 Marsupial: its a matter of perception
23:41 Marsupial: "why mining bitcoin if you can make 10% more by mining someothercoin"?
23:42 Marsupial: what they don't know, is that when they mine a coin that appears profitable but is not, they loose money. And when they don't mine a coin that appears less profitable, they loose money. And they blindly believe coinchoose to point them to the "good coin of the moment" without using their heads or making calculations.
23:42 Marsupial: or looking at other data such as
23:46 Lewis (laptop): the problem with hopping is that when your program changes coin.. its going off the coin current selling price and diff.. so lets say that FRC was at 100k diff but it was worth 1btc per coin.. they would all come over.. all mine and the coin would be almost worthless.. and with that the coin diff will be so high that people that dont hopp will never get blocks... and then destroying the coin
23:48 Marsupial: The main issue is that the hoppers will dump - they all dump while hopping so all about at the same time, all lowering the value of the coin because they sell "now at the best buying price" - therefore they don't gain on their coin as much as they should, completely ruining their strategy to hop to a more profitable coin.
23:48 Lewis (laptop): cryptsy auto sell aswell
23:49 Lewis (laptop): thats destroys the value
23:49 Marsupial: Plus, after they upped the difficulty and left the network at high diff low hashpower, their coins take forever to come to their autosellbots, by which time its worth less because of the dumping volume.
23:49 Marsupial: while we keep the coins longer and back to their real value.
23:50 Marsupial: (or buy them low from dumpers, to resell higher not long after)
23:50 Marsupial:
23:50 Lewis (laptop): so really if your hopping.. they would be better of mining BTC on its own
23:50 Marsupial: link for hopper-dumpers
23:51 Marsupial: hoppers loose in the end with SHA coins. They might gain more hopping on Scrypt ones - there's more coins, the hashpower isn't as intense, and there are lot more fluctuation on coins.
23:52 Lewis (laptop): i would stay to help tell the hoppers the truth.. but its 5am and im tired :)
23:53 Marsupial: midnight here and bed calling too. Was just looking at the status before leaving.
23:53 Lewis (laptop): joe needs to add the link to the site
23:53 Marsupial: and, surprisingly predictable, we have hoppers.

Taken from Joe's Pool Chat on 2013/10/13

[Time zone is in EDT (GMT -4). 24-hour mode.]

07:29 Joe Mobile: oh. and look at the fucktards at pacman
07:31 Joe Mobile: liek ohemgez frc is only profitable now
07:32 Joe Mobile: idiots
13:51 Marsupial: with those idiots at coinotron its making FRC less fun to mine.

* * * *

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/09/27 (11:13 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 bablovagon - 205814.8
2 indor2 - 202264.3
3 stalkersvr - 201348.1
4 Zohrn - 62534.7
5 TheStig - 56464.5
6 gator9232 - 52455.9
7 garfield242 - 33672.5
8 digtastic - 31840.0
9 elflaco - 26113.4
10 aleserbr - 20730.4

The first nine are possible hash-and-dashers.

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/09/27 (11:32 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 bablovagon - 220360.5
2 stalkersvr - 218184.3
3 indor2 - 211770.5
4 Zohrn - 62305.7
5 hivemine - 38368.4
6 elflaco - 37337.6
7 digtastic - 31840.0
8 garfield242 - 30122.0
9 aleserbr - 19241.5
10 k0bra - 13743.9

#5, #10 are possible newer hash-and-dashers.

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/09/27 (11:52 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 stalkersvr - 203066.1
2 indor2 - 199057.4
3 bablovagon - 197797.6
4 elflaco - 171569.6
5 olegpepi - 73300.8
6 Zohrn - 64710.8
7 hivemine - 39857.3
8 avlaptop123 - 33901.6
9 garfield242 - 31267.4
10 digtastic - 30122.0

#5, #8 are possible newer hash-and-dashers.


List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/10/02 (22:23 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 bablovagon - 205356.7
2 stalkersvr - 198942.9
3 Radiant311 - 103995.5
4 nerdcustoms - 66314.3
5 BigCstyle - 61160.3
6 kaneda2004 - 60244.1
7 TheStig - 57151.7
8 jaskohl - 56235.4
9 Air2Air - 41575.3
10 Holy - 40086.4

#3, #4, #5, #6, #10 are possible newer hash-and-dashers. #7 is known hash-and-dasher, originally from Coinotron PPC. #8 is now a known pool hopper. Switches between Joe's Pool and Coinotron. #9 is known hash-and-dasher.

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/10/02 (22:58 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 ppmine - 193903.5
2 bablovagon - 191841.9
3 stalkersvr - 186802.4
4 kslavik - 125184.0
5 Radiant311 - 108691.3
6 Air2Air - 65970.7
7 kaneda2004 - 60931.3
8 BigCstyle - 60473.1
9 jaskohl - 57495.3
10 TheStig - 57380.8

#1, #4 are possible newer hash-and-dashers.

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/10/02 (23:11 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 ppmine - 203753.2
2 bablovagon - 200088.2
3 stalkersvr - 196308.6
4 elflaco - 177067.2
5 kslavik - 128047.3
6 Radiant311 - 107775.0
7 nerdcustoms - 66772.4
8 Air2Air - 64939.9
9 BigCstyle - 62534.7
10 kaneda2004 - 62191.1

#4 (elflaco) returns! hash-and-dash.

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/10/02 (23:15 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 ppmine - 203867.8
2 stalkersvr - 202264.3
3 bablovagon - 199515.5
4 elflaco - 177983.4
5 kslavik - 123236.9
6 Radiant311 - 104797.2
7 MoeGreen - 79829.1
8 nerdcustoms - 66887.0
9 Air2Air - 63221.9
10 kaneda2004 - 61847.5

#7 is a newer hash-and-dasher.


List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/10/04 (11:36 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 nick5832 - 447936.5
2 aleserbr - 21761.2
3 Dark722 - 5039.4
4 danbike - 4237.7
5 FunkyK - 3779.6
6 j0ey2069 - 2634.2
7 HorusFTW - 1832.5
8 eaglespp - 1145.3
9 fpga_miner - 801.7
10 MaxGTX - 801.7

#1 is close to 51%-ing the network!!

List of Coinotron Hashers as of 2013/10/04 (11:52 EDT):

# Name - MH/s
1 nick5832 - 453319.5
2 vulcanisik - 23937.3
3 aleserbr - 16950.8
4 Dark722 - 7444.6
5 danbike - 4466.8
6 vivisko68 - 3321.4
7 HorusFTW - 2748.8
8 j0ey2069 - 2176.1
9 FunkyK - 2061.6
10 fpga_miner - 1259.9

Updated version of previous. #2 is new to the list.

Some shift from the Terracoin and PPCoin pools on Coinotron to the Freicoin pool on Coinotron. They probably assume there is a lot of hashing power on Freicoin. Right now, the Freicoin network is a relatively small network, around 250GH/s at best (and technically always has been), so they end up 51%-ing the network to over 1.3TH/s (now >2TH/s, nearly killing the coin again at diff 145138) because they don't bother to evenly hash on other pools. There exists three other FRC pools, totaling four working FRC pools as of 2013/09/27:

Joe's Pool - Social FRC mining pool. NMC merge mining in the works. If you want, you can simply use the http:// variant. [ Keeping the Freicoin network alive after Coinotron pool hoppers nearly destroy it again and again. ;D ] - P2Pool for Freicoin. - P2Pool variant. How to set your miner up for this pool.

Had massive issues loading coinotron's page while collecting such info [2013/09/27]. (This is coinotron, so I shouldn't be surprised.)

As of 2013/10/13: The diff filter adjustment for FRC is in effect. The diff hit a minimum of 44.7k diff before it went up and now hit 113k. Can't exactly hash and dash and dump FRC as you used to before the diff filter. :)

The first Freicoin Auction site - run by Joe, same one from Joe's Pool. You can buy stuff here instead of dumping every FRC to an exchange. Side effect: as of 2013/09/27, you will be shelling out a lot more FRC there because of dumpers dumping FRC into exchanges.

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