AdLib Music Synthesizer: Specs

Monday, May 2, 2016

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Specs List

Parts Specs
Audio Connector 1/4" Phono Jack (1987 version), 3.5mm audio jack (1990 version)
Potentiometer 10k, 270° rotation
FM Synthesizer Sound Chip Yamaha YM3812
DAC Yamaha YM3014 (DAC-SS)
Operational Amplifier RC4136
Line Decoder 74LS138 (x2)
Power Amplifier LM386N-3
Transceiver 74LS245
Inverter 74LS04
Flip-Flops 74LS109*

Technical Specs
Sample Rate 49716Hz (49.716KHz)
Bit Rate 16-bit
Audio Channel Output Monoaural (Mono)
Music Capabilities 11-voice FM (9 channels, 2 operators)
Digital Capabilities None
Frequency Response Unknown**

*In the case of the Flip-Flops IC on the Malinov version of the Adlib sound card, it is 74LS74 instead of 74LS109.
**Undetermined because it hasn't been tested for it. Also, because the card is from 1987, documentation is sparse especially.

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