Raspberry Pi 2 Test Server

Last Updated: Sunday, May 1, 2016

Things posted at the update date are in tildes (~).

Main Site:
IPv4 addresses: http://cwcyrix.duckdns.org/http://cwcyrix.nsupdate.info
IPv6 address: http://rpi2-cwcyrix.duckdns.org, http://rpi2-cwcyrix.nsupdate.info

Yes, it really is running on a Raspberry Pi 2, and I set it up since mid-July 2015. It was Internet-facing, but I never revealed it due to connection issues and configuration issues (PHP and HTML not playing nice in Caddyfile). It doesn't seem 100% yet, but here it is.
There really isn't much here; after all, it is a test server setup!

PHPSysInfo page
Shows Raspberry Pi 2's system stats.

Raspberry Pi 2 Documents
Documents I originally wrote for myself. They're pretty much here now. Were originally 'hidden' on the main server.

BGM ident (in hex) for Rockman 8/Megaman 8
This link is temporary. In the future, this will be the main VG rips index link.

~AdLib Music Synthesizer Section~
Stuff about the AdLib Music Synthesizer sound card. Also has the entire known Adlib album song archive recorded in multiple formats (and a lesson in OPL2 timing as a result).

ipv6 ready