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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sonic Retro forum thread
thread titled 'Sega's patches to Virtual Console releases'
thread subtitled 'aka sega does more than just package a rom in a container'

It was September 12, 2011.

I was doing my usual Internet surfing when I decided to read some info about the Super Shinobi game since I backed up the prototype from the Sonic Retro forums a month earlier. Ran into a page regarding the Virtual Console version of the Super Shinobi and its changes from the last revision 03. From there, the thread on the Sonic Retro forums was mentioned and came across the ROM itself.

I then scanned through the entire thread and downloaded what I wanted for now. Somewhere along the line, I backed up most everything off my laptop, which included the files I downloaded. Then in August 24, 2013, my laptop's hard drive crashed (and pretty badly at that!).

Fast-forward to Sunday, March 16, 2014. Some two days before, I was searching and downloading some more lost drx ROM dumps, then somehow ended up in I eventually looked at the Revenge of Shinobi page again, and then ended up in Sega Retro, which led me back to the thread linked above. Upon reading the SonicRetro thread, I went and grabbed the rest of the files that were still available.

As of this writing, the Phantasy Star II (VC).sgd file is unavailable since it was on Megaupload at the time. Yet, I somehow forgot I saved it. So... there is an issue with the Phantasy Star II (VC).sgd file (confirmed to be from RAM dump in ram.7z, I double-checked), however: half the data seems missing; game hangs in places looking for data, so only the sprites and some objects show up (no script for text!) in Kega Fusion, but the Phantasy Star II zlib file is perfectly fine (aside from needing a checksum fix patch, though). Because of this, I grabbed the ROM dump from ram.7z again and most of the patch was after the actual ROM anyway, so the filesize became 832KB (from the original 768KB) as a result. Yep, the ROM is now 128KB larger than originally due to the patch. Also, the CORRECT checksum for the GreenCrossFix'd Phantasy Star II VC ROM is 8472, but the Phantasy Star II (VC).sgd file is 4D79, and the filesize is smaller. Oops. May as well grab the Phantasy Star II (VC) [ProperDump] file, as the original PhantasyStar2_UE_Gre.rar file contains the zlib of the ROM, yet it isn't patched properly to use the fix.

So... This is in response to the last post by ICEKnight on January 22, 2014. Since I don't even have an account there (and probably never will bother to make one), this page is written up instead.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering what the GREEN CROSS FIX was in Phantasy Star II in the first place... it was the cross on the healing locations in towns and cities. They changed it to an H in the Virtual Console build. Seriously. Here is the comparison:

Phantasy Star II Cross image
Phantasy Star II H image
Phantasy Star II (UE) (REV02)
Phantasy Star II (VC)

It took me hours to notice that change! What the hell...


Chrono Trigger VC: Enjoy
Phantasy Star II (Green Cross Fix): Broken .sgd Dump, Original .zlib file, Properly extracted dump from ram.7z, Someone's RAM dump - Enjoy
Phantasy Star IV (Bugfixed): Someone's RAM dump (PAL), VC data (PAL), Patched ROM + undumped PAL ROM - Enjoy
Pulseman: Enjoy
Puyo Puyo 2: Enjoy
Revenge of Shinobi: REV03VC dump, data.ccf output - Enjoy
Sonic 1/2/3/Knuckles: Enjoy
Street Fighter II Dash (EU): Enjoy
Super Mario RPG (VC): Enjoy

That seems to be everything from the thread aside from sixfortyfive's VC patches collection. Some files had to be retrieved from a 2012 backup, and I had to retrieve the rest. Another section of obscure files from the Internet...

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