Biostar U8798 Pro

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Updated: Sunday, December 23, 2018

Board type: ATX
Features: Hyperthreading support, CPU overclocking feature, BIOS flashing within the BIOS itself, Wake-on LAN
Physical dimensions: L: 305mm (12in)
W: 205mm (8.07in)
AT or ATX Support: ATX power supply support.
CPU Type:
CPU Support:
CPU Notes:
Socket 478
Intel Pentium 4 support up to 3.06GHz and Celeron support up to 2.4GHz.
Has HyperThreading support on the 3.06GHz Pentium 4 CPU only.
Chipset: VIA Apollo P4X400. VIA VT8754 northbridge, VIA VT8235 southbridge
Has onboard cache: No. Post-dates onboard cache need.
Integrated Video: No
Integrated Sound: Yes, C-Media CMI9739A. Has six-channel support. Has digital audio support. See Notes.
Controller ports: 2x IDE [UDMA/133 max]
1x Floppy
PCI and ISA Slots: 1x AGP 4x/8x, 5x PCI, 1x CNR
Memory Slots:
Maximum Memory:
2GB RAM. Supports PC1600 - PC3200 (DDR200 - DDR400) RAM.
Keyboard Support: PS/2 DIN-6
Has Mouse Support: Yes, PS/2.
Has USB Support: Yes, 2.0. Has 4 onboard connectors, has support for 2 more by one front panel connector.
Has IrDA Support: Yes
Has Onboard LAN: Yes
Connectors: Parallel, Serial (2x), IrDA, LAN
BIOS Notes: Has BIOS files earlier than the Release 05 (12/04/2003). They are Release 03 (date 11/17/2003) and Release 04 (12/02/2003). The latest BIOS release is Release 07 (03/19/2004). My board originally had the Release 03 BIOS, which was interesting to say the least. Release 03 and 04 are not found on Biostar's site, and interestingly were retrieved from DriverGuide's site. They are legit files, AFAIK.


Front Panel Audio Connector and Onboard Sound:
Since owning this board in 2011 and no sound until then (December 2018), I finally do have sound from the onboard sound chip. If no front audio panel is present, you would have to add two jumpers to the front audio panel connector on pins 5-6 and 9-10, otherwise the onboard sound will not function on the rear audio panel's green line out jack.
Diagram is here.
VOGONS forum thread reference is here.


Directory - The '1' directory holds the older drivers from the Biostar USA FTP server. The '2' directory holds the newer drivers from the Biostar Taiwan site.

Here are the BIOS Notes for this board.
Directory - Holds every known BIOS file existing from the very beginning to the very end. The 'EXE' directory holds the original self-extracting files. The 'PRO' directory holds the extracted .pro files from the .exe files. The 'ZIP' directory holds the compressed BIOS files.

Directory - Holds the original manual.

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