A-trend ATC-6240

Friday, December 21, 2012

Board type: ATX
Features: APM
Physical dimensions: L: 305mm (12in)
W: 190mm (7.48in)
AT or ATX Support: ATX power supply support.
CPU Type:
CPU Support:
Slot 1
Intel Pentium II/Celeron CPUs up to 400MHz on revisions R01 to R03 and R05, Intel Pentium II/III/Celeron CPUs up to 500MHz on revision R06.
Chipset: Intel 440BX on ATC-6240M, and VIA Apollo 133 (693A + 596B) on ATC-6240V
Has onboard cache: No. This board succeeds the Socket 7 time period.
Integrated Video: No
Integrated Sound: No
Controller ports: 2x IDE [Ultra DMA/33 (33MB/sec) on ATC-6240M (though it seems to be UDMA/66 on my M board), Ultra DMA/66 (66MB/sec) on ATC-6240V]
1x Floppy
PCI and ISA Slots: 1x AGP (2x), 5x PCI, 2x ISA
Memory Slots:
Maximum Memory:
1GB (1024MB) RAM on ATC-6240M, and 1.5GB (1536MB) RAM on ATC-6240V. See manual in Downloads section for details. (I vaguely recall trying 512MB RAM in the M version of this board and actually working, so may support 1.5GB RAM.)
Keyboard Support: PS/2 DIN-6 connector.
Has Mouse Support: Yes, both Serial and PS/2.
Has USB Support: Yes, USB 1.1
Has IrDA Support: Yes
Connectors: IrDA, SB-Link, Wake-on LAN
BIOS Notes: BIOS update 1.1.08 [1999/12/08] supports hard drives up to 128GB/137GiB. Previously it was a 32GB limit.


ATX Power Connector Diagram - Forum post on Wimsbios.net regarding the A-trend pinout. From here.


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