FIC PA-2013

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Board type: ATX
Features: Wake-on LAN, CPU Thermal Monitoring Alert
Physical dimensions: L: 305mm (12in)
W: 205mm (8.07in)
AT or ATX Support: ATX power supply support.
CPU Type:
CPU Support:
CPU Notes:
Socket 7
Intel Pentium P54C: up to 200MHz; P55C: up to 233MHz; AMD K6: up to 300MHz; K6-2: up to 500MHz, amongst others. Should support AMD K6-3 up to 450MHz.
AMD K6-2+ and K6-3+ CPUs may be supported with a modded BIOS.
Chipset: VIA Apollo MVP3
Has onboard cache: Yes, 1MB.
Integrated Video: No
Integrated Sound: No
Controller ports: 2x IDE [UDMA/133 max]
1x Floppy
PCI and ISA Slots: 1x AGP 2x, 5x PCI, 2x ISA
Memory Slots:
Maximum Memory:
768MB RAM. Supports up to PC100 RAM. Seems picky with some Infineon RAM.
Keyboard Support: PS/2 DIN-6
Has Mouse Support: Yes, PS/2.
Has USB Support: Yes, 1.1.
Has IrDA Support: Yes
Has Onboard LAN: No
Connectors: Parallel, Serial (2x), IrDA
BIOS Notes: N/A


None yet.


None that I know of...

Directory - Holds every known BIOS file existing from the very beginning to the very end. The numbered directories each hold BIOS files for a PCB series.

Directory - Holds the original manual.

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