Irena: Genesis Metal Fury 2021-01-12 Demo Discovery

AKA... Thanks, Internet Archive... again!
AKA... The Initial Search for the 2021-01-21 Demo ROM

Monday, December 18, 2023

All because I was updating the (already large) personal No-Intro ROM set.

Around December 17, 2023, I was downloading entire archives to sort through just to update the collection from a mid-early September 2023 DAT to a mid-December 2023 DAT. As usual, there were a few missing ROMs in multiple console sets. One in particular was Irena: Genesis Metal Fury (World) (2021-01-21) (Demo) (Aftermarket) (Unl). I should be specific: it is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis ROM.

Before that... My sets are as follows:

alt - Unlicensed dumps after the console's life - Aftermarket, but not necessarily Pirate (Note to self: should create separate Pirate section...)
numbered - Numbered (ID'd) versions of some official Nintendo ROMs
original - Licensed and Unlicensed dumps during the console's life
private - Self-explanatory. This started in December 17, 2023 because of some DMCA'd files (which I have since tracked down quite quickly).

So, I will utilize multiple search engines to search for ROMs first. This eventually ended up on their old Kickstarter page, then their old website, which was since shut down. The page only has the 2021-12-09 demo, of course, so I plugged in the link mentioned on the Kickstarter page to the Internet Archive, and which brought me to... two archived entries here. I clicked the earlier one, and then clicked the archived entry there. It redirected, but I did get the file.

ROM Info

Basic Info

File name (Personal Copy):
Irena - Genesis Metal Fury - KS Demo (2021-01-12).zip

Original archive file name:

Original ROM file name:

2021-01-12 1:15 PM (EST)

Hash Info







January 12, 2021 Demo ROM: Right Here
from my personal file server if anything goes wrong with the Internet Archive in any way.

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