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You have found an unofficial mirror of some early-released drx prototypes, most likely through Google (or some other search engine), rather than my home page. This is stored at a home server, so this directory underwent some very strict limitations mainly due to abuse. The lucky few that downloaded these had a transfer limit of around 50 kilobytes per second before these changes. Congrats!

The limitations are as follows:

  1. You may only download two files at a time. Attempting to do otherwise will net you a 503 error message. [Custom error message in the works!] This also means you will not be able to use download applications that sends Partial Content requests reliably. You can still pause and resume your download, but you cannot downnload in more than one segment.
  2. The download limit is 100 kilobytes per second as of 2014/02/26. This may change in the future. Hey, it's better than unplugging the server for five minutes when connection resources were very low. - [The original settings from 2012 were due to using an old and dying D-Link DIR-655 Rev. A2 router. It has since been replaced with an ASUS RT-N66U router in December 2013, so the settings were relaxed in January 2014.]
  3. Do not circumvent the limits imposed on this directory.

This is unbelievably time consuming for files larger than 600MB, but unfortunately, it had to be done.

Have a nice day.

There is also a bittorrent version of most of the ROMs right here. For now, only the 2008-02-23, 2008-05-15, and 2008-08-31 torrents exist. [2014-01-22]

--Ami Sapphire, 2012/01/15 [Updated 2014/02/26]